Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Allegory of the Super Moon

This morning I awoke earlier than usual. I felt very uncomfortable in bed, and could no longer stand the laborious effort to remain half-asleep. As I left the house to begin a long commute, I heard one of our roosters crow. It was a good feeling. Not as majestic as hearing a lion roar up close, but still a little exhilarating. This is a new thing, as the roosters are young.

As I drove through the very dark countryside, I noticed a few things. As the clouds parted, I noticed an enormous, beautiful full moon. I don't think I've ever seen such a large moon! It was magnificent. Then, as I wended through the valleys, the moon would become obscured by the mountain ridges. This happen over an over again: the moon would become exposed as I rose in elevation, then would become obscured as I sank into the valleys. I noticed that those in the valleys would never see the moon, just the stars. They would have to move to see the moon. As I was moving, I had perspective and could see the difference between the moon vistas and those limited only to the stars. There was also a halfway-point where you couldn't see the moon, but the light shining over the ridge made the stars seem very dim.

The Lord is extending his hand for the final time. Right now. Ours is the choice to move to better view the light or to stay in the starlit valleys. As we move towards the greater light, what at first seems only slightly brighter than the stars will become a majestic and obvious difference.