Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Second Blood Moon

We woke up early this morning to view the lunar eclipse. We live in an area where you can see not only thousands of stars but also the belt of the Milky Way. The sky was cloudless at the apex of the eclipse. The large red moon was set on a backdrop of pindrop shiny stars with a few planets scattered in. The thought came to mind:

"The Lord's face is red with anger, and the hosts of heaven great and small join in witness against the blood and sins of this generation."

Interestingly, prior to the eclipse the moon was full and white. It rose from being invisible to visible as the light so abundantly dispersed generally upon the earth was gradually diminished, until it was clear that the only light came from the moon. Then the moon turned red. Then, after a time, it turned back to white, and eventually the sun will rise (it is still dark here) and the light will be abundantly dispersed generally upon the earth once again.

At the apex of the eclipse, my wife saw a shooting star that appeared to come from the moon's location, straight down to earth. This is very interesting. My interpretation is that the Lord is declaring that from this point there is a servant called and activated to carry out the events associated with that sign. Might be an angel sent to pour out the declared destruction (see Revelation for descriptions of angels prophesied to do just that) or the beginning of the public ministry of the servant spoken of in Isaiah. Time will tell. I expect things to get very interesting soon.