Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I've Been up to Lately...

Hi all,
I apologize for my absence, which will have to continue for some time. I started a new job, which has required a lot of my attention. I also am in a church calling that eats up most of my Sundays, which is highly unfortunate, but the Lord's will. I have also been directed to work on some preparations on my home and property. However, most of the time I would otherwise spend writing blog posts has been spent on writing a new book as well as (less so) revising previous books. I hope to release new editions of all of them at some point, and I wanted to get this new book out by last Thanksgiving, which should show you the pace I'm working at.

I find myself commiserating (on some level anyway) with Joseph Smith, who talked about how revelations swept across his minds like waves crashing against the banks of the sea. I could honestly take the next 10 years of my life and occupy a full time job writing out what the Lord been teaching me as I read the scriptures.