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Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

Like all of Satan's temptations, suicide is only attractive to those who are ignorant of the implications. Satan sells suicide as an escape. When you just can't take what life is handing you anymore, you hit the escape button. After all, it seems nothing can be worse than this. Sound familiar?

Well, it is a lie. Whatever life is handing you at this moment is exactly what you need to overcome to go to the next level of your existence. That test--that basket of tribulation--is not going to go away. Life is not an open plain, where you can choose some other path if the one you occupy becomes to difficult. The way is strait and narrow, but it is also straight. "There is no other way." The only way to escape is to go through what is troubling you. You can't go around, and you can't go away.

There is no escape. If you end your life, you will just have to go through everything that makes you want to commit suicide again, worlds without end, until you learn to overcome them. It's like dropping a college course with a 100% guarantee that it will be just as hard the next time you complete it, if not harder.

Many who contemplate suicide have been overcome with guilt over a sin that they just can't seem to shake. God gives us weakness so that he can make those things strong. He doesn't make us strong by magically taking the weakness away. He makes us strong by teaching us uncomfortable, soul-shaking truth that robs the devil of his lies by teaching us the hidden consequence of sin, robbing carnal temptations of their desirability.

Death does not change a soul. It merely temporarily removes them from mortality. They will return to mortality, and when they do, whatever they were struggling with will return with them. The end of the struggle is not death, but the acquisition of knowledge borne of experience that overcomes the struggle. We, like Jesus, must overcome ALL things.

Suicide, in every case, is nothing more than a pause button. There is no eject button in our progression. There is no other way.