Sunday, November 29, 2015

Don't Forget About Liahona Children's Foundation

As we go through this festive time of year, we tend to think a little more about those who do not have as much as we do. I would like to remind any readers of this blog of the noble organization Liahona Children's Foundation. I've written much about them in the past (search the blog for it). Liahona is an almost entirely volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to provide nutritional supplements to malnourished LDS children worldwide. I encourage you to make a donation. It costs very little to prevent the loss of life and life-changing permanent disability caused by childhood malnutrition. There are also many opportunities to become more involved.

At a minimum, you can use to make your normal purchases, which will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Liahona.

I'd like to make a special plea to those who participate in "tithing groups." It is good to follow the promptings of the Spirit wherever the lead. However, please note that the responsibility to have no poor among us does not include permission to exclude those whose needs fall outside of your small select group. Please consider making donations to the many groups like Liahona that are doing very good things in areas whose needs far far exceed those found in North America.