Sunday, March 27, 2016

Teaching for Doctrines Second Edition

The second edition of "Teaching for Doctrines" is finished. The edition reworks some of the wording and fixes typos. There were edits to nearly every page.

  • I did not include any new text that references my trial or excommunication. I wanted to preserve the original premise of the book, written by a member of the LDS church in full standing at the time. 
  • I had planned to change the cover due to some complaints about it. However, in reflecting on the meaning of the cover, and also how much time it takes for me to do image editing, I decided that if people found it grotesque (that is what I heard), that would be a good thing, since what has been done to Christ's gospel is much more grotesque than what that lady did to the painting of Christ that I used for the cover. 
  • The new version is available at the same link on Amazon (same ISBN).
  • The new version is available on kindle (or should be later today or tomorrow--it is submitted). 
  • The new version is available on the right sidebar as a free pdf. The first version is no longer available via pdf.

With this edition, I have fully discharged this burden and set it down. It is timely that this be completed on the day we celebrate the birth and resurrection of Christ, which also happens to be the season when he visited me years ago and started this project. Around this time many years ago, Jesus told his Father that he had done the work he had been given to do. In my comparatively small way, I now say the same, giving all glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.