Tuesday, March 1, 2016

West Coast Earthquake Warning?

My previous opinion was that a massive earthquake would occur across the entire West Coast. Some erroneously believe a west coast quake would be localized to one fault. However, recent research shows that massive earthquakes can trigger adjacent fault zones, and almost every western fault is historically overdue for a quake, suggesting the entire region is wound up like a spring ready for multiple fractures to "adjust" to historic positions. The CO2 release supports the theory that the entire region will quake at the same time by suggesting that there are active seismic events general to the entire region, not specific faults. Scientists ability to predict earthquakes relies heavily on their activity levels. Since the US has been seismically calm during the era of modern equipment vs. historically (as discovered only recently in surprising finds from scientists digging in Cascadia, Japan, and the middle of the US), our ability to scientifically model and predict what is coming is very limited.

In 2001, there was a 7.7 earthquake in India. That quake was preceded by 7 days by a massive carbon monoxide release. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Gujarat_earthquake) 

On February 26th, a similar release occurred on the west coast of the US. Note that normally this entire region is free from any noticeable CO emissions.

Note that this gas is not emitting from one fault. It spontaneously emitted from all the dark areas above in great quantity at the same time. Clearly, all of the fault systems in the west are intertwined. This is a MASSIVE area, containing the gross majority of all populated cities in the west. The map here does not have states. The north south line at the top tip of the gulf of California (the water to the right of Baja California) runs along the eastern border of Nevada square down the middle of Idaho. The blue dot in the middle of the screen is the great salt lake in Utah.

As a reminder, there will be a full solar eclipse in a few days that starts in Asia and heads towards the coast of the US.


Edit 1: NASA has issued a press release stating that the instrument sensor was faulty and the CO eruption did not actually happen. Their description of the malfunction does not fit the data. Given the type of malfunction, what you would expect to see would be a uniform amplification of reported CO across the entire area of observation. Instead, the background CO (normal levels) maintain across the United States throughout the eruption. Moreover, the likelihood of a faulty sensor happening to amplify the signal around all active fault lines in the west is very, very low. In other words, the probability that the malfunction would just so happen to highlight all the fault lines while having lower readings in the immediate surroundings is nearly zero. I believe this is an intentional false statement designed to lower the public concern, a pattern seen repeatedly in government reactions to danger.

Edit 2: A 7.9 earthquake hit off of Indonesia just a day after I posted this. Note the location of Indonesia on the eclipse map.