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Friday, June 3, 2016

Jesus is a warrior. Be like Jesus.

God appointed Gideon to be a savior to the Israelites. An angel said to Gideon, “The Lord is helping you, and you are a strong warrior.” (Judges 6:12). Yet, Gideon was anything but courageous. He requested sign after sign and trusted in the arm of the flesh.

In contrast to Gideon, Samson was a mighty warrior. Samson gets a bad reputation from those who misunderstand both his mission and the real character of Christ. Samson was a type of Christ in all he did and in all that was done to him, and he lived his life in accordance with God's will. Samson had sufficient faith in God that he was willing to be a warrior for God, even if that meant fighting alone. Samson had no allies: not his family, not his fellow Israelites, not even his wife. Like all holy men, he endured great temporal loss as he yielded to God's instructions to him. Like all holy men, he endured unjust treatment from others when he himself was perfectly just to them. He was betrayed by those who should have loved him most, despite his continual forgiveness and compassion for their repeated offenses. Samson was as much like Christ as anyone in the Bible. Sampson was a warrior for God.

This clip is a perfect allegory for what it is like to be a warrior for God. You are outgunned, alone, no one believes in you. You are fighting for everything. You fight alone. Everyone gathers around you in opposition. Your objective is to fight with everything you have, whether you think you stand a chance of winning or not. Your fight is not for survival, it is for principle. Whether you live or die does not matter. All that matters is what you do in the battle. Success is not winning. Success is leaving everything you have on the battlefield. Failure is leaving anything undone.

Jesus knew that his mortal ministry would not yield Zion. In the face of mortal defeat, he attained immortal glory. He left everything on the battlefield.

Jesus is a warrior. Be like Jesus.