Sunday, June 5, 2016

My wife's testimony message

This is what my wife said in testimony meeting today:

"I have sure faith in Christ
I don't know yet because real knowledge requires experience
I have always desired to know the Lord
But as of recently I told the Lord I will do what he wants so I can see him. At the time I just didn't know what.
Every blessing is predicated on a set of laws. I ask him to reveal those laws to me.
He told me he wants essentially two things: 1 me to become sanctified. 2. A willingness to sacrifice all earthly things
I told him that I have such a strong desire for this experience that I want him to help get me there the fastest shortest route possible.
I came to understand that there are two ways to progress. We can take the stairs or the elevator.
We can either walk up slowly or we can go the direct fast route. The latter is the only way to ensure we will see the Lord in this life.
I told him I want to take the elevator.
So from that very moment I told him that, the Lord has revealed to me one weakness at a time that needs to be fixed. At first they were outward observable sins. Once I stopped doing those he told me about things of my heart.
These things are very very difficult to change. But I would then ask for light and truth so I can see situations as they really are. My heart doesn't automatically just change but through acting right in those situations over time my heart does change.
This is how one becomes sanctified. The experience is difficult and painful. There are a great many ascents and descents. I have trials daily. But I have been receiving revelation too daily.
But you cannot overcome a weakness only with the truth. Experience is essential too. You have to practice to actually overcome an action or condition of the heart.
So I pleaded for more trials so I can get over my weaknesses and I am grateful for them.
I have so much faith that the Lord will unveil his face when I am ready.
Each of us can be on this path. It is a decision each of us has to make: the stairs or the elevator."