Monday, December 5, 2016

Spiritual and Temporal Preparedness

Lately, I've had a few inquiries about preparing for the destruction to precede the second coming. I have a survival blog, have created a lookup tool for scriptures referring to the topic, and have been given visions of some of the things that are going to happen, but I am not an expert on the topic.

It seems that every one of these interactions ends with me offending the person who is writing to me. I tend to be quite blunt on the topic. I have written about preparedness before. I will elaborate on it more now.


If you don't have an idea of what is coming, you need to study the scriptures. Begin with Isaiah. I recommend Gileadi's translation. This is required reading. Jesus commanded us to search his words specifically. God is not going to reveal much to you on the topic if you have been lazy and ignored his commandment. Personal revelation, for reasons you'll soon realize, is essential to your fulfilling God's will for you and those around you in what is to come.

If you do have an idea of what is coming, you ought to feel a little strange. You see, when you realize what is coming, you will also realize that your existence in those times to come will require an outpouring of God's power in your life that is incredibly foreign to you right now. These are two realities that co-exist like opposite sides of the same stick: pick up one, you must pick up the other. 

The faithful have experiences in front of them that will make us look back at this time and scratch our heads because it was so different and so dull spiritually. We have to become a people that can call down miracles. Miracles of having soldiers pass us by without hearing or seeing us, even though we are in plain sight and making noise with children. Miracles of being physically moved from one location to another by the spirit. Miracles of knowing how to navigate through areas we've never before visited. Miracles of producing water out of the ground through prayer. Miracles of having light in thick darkness. Of being shielded from radiation poisoning. Of producing food miraculously.

If you aren't this way now, what do you suppose is going to happen to magically transform you into what you need to be then? There are a lot of people who have come out of the LDS church, recognizing its limiting effect on their relationship with Jesus Christ, yet they are still spiritually subdued. Like an animal caged its whole life, the chains have been removed, but you are still operating as if they are in place. Wake up, look up, and act up. The time is now.

Leaving Babylon

Should you move? Should you quit your job? Should you buy a farm and live off the land? I get these questions a lot. I happened to move, change careers, and I have built up a farm where we are on track to produce a great deal of what we eat.  And yet, I would not necessarily recommend you do any of that. At the same time, I will tell you plainly that if you live in a city or a suburb, or in ~90% of the inhabited area of the United States, you are going to die when the lights go out, probably in a horrific way. Let me now knit these ideas together.

First, if you live in a suburb or city, or even in most country areas, you are going to die. I talk to a lot of people who ask advice on food storage and other preparations. Let me tell you something. When you crack open your first bucket of wheat, what do you think your neighbors will be doing? They will be coming to your house. If you share, you will die of starvation. If you don't share, you will die by violence. Recent history has reminded us that non-Zion people, no matter how nice in normal circumstances, revert to brute animals when the pillars of normality are removed. If you believe the scriptures, and have bothered to read them, you are aware of the deprived conditions we will soon find ourselves in. It is going to be really, really, really bad.

That being said, of what importance are temporal preparations, really? God is going to pulverize everything in this world that is not from him. That includes you and me. If we have not achieved a covenant relationship with him (read: he has not made specific promises to you), you are toast. The only question is how much you will suffer before dying, and what good you might do in the meantime. If, on the other hand, you have obtained promises, and are where God has told you to be, it really doesn't matter whether your particular circumstances have allowed for temporal preparation or not.

I would rather be in the midst of the most violent people on earth with God's promises than in a billion dollar bunker without them. Incidentally, God tells us in Isaiah that those billion dollar bunkers are going to be quite useless to those who have them when the time comes to use them. I digress.

I am not saying that if you have promises from God, you can ignore the scriptures and ignore temporal preparations. Some take up this position. I would like to know how Noah would have fared if he figured that God would save him instead of building the boat that God had described to him. Or, more importantly, how his family would have fared if they did not listen to what Noah said God told him, and then participated in the construction of the boat. Think about it.

If you read the scriptures, and you believe God, you will prepare temporally unless you can't (because, say, you are poor) or unless he has told you not to. If God tells you cities are going to be destroyed, and he has, you have to be unable to move or an idiot not to move--or you have revelation telling you that you are meant to stay. I know of a very righteous man who has been told to stay in a place that we both know is going to be destroyed. I have calm peace about it, because I know that God will either miraculously preserve him (maybe to help survivors) or he will die and inherit the reward of the righteous for his obedience. The latter will be appropriate for all those who either are not currently capable of enduring what is coming, or for those who don't need the trial. In either way, thank God for his wisdom and foreknowledge of all things.

I am where I am doing what I am doing because God has commanded me in these things, and I am obeying him. However, I don't believe I would have received these commandments if I didn't spend years asking and searching for his will on this topic. In the end, with my wife I created a careful plan that answered all the expectations I had developed by studying the scriptures. And then God came suddenly, told us we had it all wrong, and told us what to do.

The punchline

God once said:
 43 And whosoever among you are sick, and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and mild food, and that not by the hand of an enemy.
 44 And the elders of the church, two or more, shall be called, and shall pray for and lay their hands upon them in my name; and if they die they shall die unto me, and if they live they shall live unto me.
(D&C 42:43-44)

I will apply this scripture to your situation:
Ideally, you will develop the level of holiness and communion with God that no matter where you are, you can call down the blessings of heaven to ensure you are able to do God's will no matter your environment.

But if you don't have that level of faith, you should exercise your native intelligence to the best of your ability, study the scriptures, and prepare in ways that make sense. In the most direct way, this means that if you are not going to move, you ought to buy the items I described here and prepare yourself physically and mentally to hike for hundreds of miles to get to a safe spot when the time comes.

Above all else, realize a promised land is only promised for those who have a promise. The new world proved to be a curse to Laman and Lemuel. If those who do not have a promise come to a promised land, they will be destroyed or revert to the same condition of everyone else when the righteous among them are led away.