Thursday, December 29, 2016

The prayer of a broken heart

Father, you have blessed me far beyond what I have deserved. You endured patiently with me in countless times when I was not wise enough to understand the wisdom of your will. My life has been cascading cycles of obedient ignorance followed by increased knowledge and ever increasing trust in you. You have strengthened me through weak times and guided me beyond my capacity to comprehend the best path. You have done nothing but provide me with reasons to trust your judgment and that your wisdom exceeds my own. Your mercy is endless and your love is perfect.

Father, everything that you have given me is yours to take. I have given you all that you have asked, and anything else you ask I will likewise give. I hold nothing back. My most cherished relationships are yours. The object of my profession is yours. The approval of others is meaningless to me compared to your approval. I have willingly sacrificed it to stand for you and your truth and will do so again. My heart is set on you and you alone. Continue to strengthen my courage do obey you, and give me the knowledge that helps me choose to keep your word rather than by swayed by the illusions of this world.

You have patiently responded to my pleas, and worked as quickly as I would let you to bring about the righteous desires of my heart. You have lovingly rejected my requests that were not in my best interest, and I thank you for your willingness to allow my suffering until I was freed from the incorrect beliefs that caused it. I know nothing. I will give away everything I think I know to know you and will accept whatever you teach me. I am nothing. I will give away everything I possess and break all bonds with that I treasure in order to have what you possess.

Father, you have shown me that your knowledge is so much greater than mine that I not only seek you and submit to you in all things, but I realize that I do not even know what to ask of you due to my deficit in knowledge. Father, write your will upon my heart and give me sufficient wisdom to be a blessing to others. Help me understand what you understand so that I can live a life that magnifies your glory and helps others see a degree of your perfect knowledge so that they come to trust you and believe in you as I trust and believe in you. Show me what I yet lack, and give me the knowledge to overcome my flaws.