Monday, January 30, 2017

Windows of Truth

Adam lived for over 900 years, meaning he was alive during all generations previous to Noah. Do you find it strange that nowhere in scripture (not even in the apocrypha that I am aware of) do we see any account of Adam preaching to his posterity? Isn't it strange that Enoch went on a mission to preach the gospel, despite the fact that Adam was still around and only middle-aged at the time?

Shem son of Noah lived for 600 years. He was alive both when Abraham was born and when Abraham died. He died well into Isaac's life. Isn't it strange that we have no record of his preaching to the people? Isn't it strange that the only record we have of him at all is his blessing Abraham (if you accept that Shem is Melchizedek), and that only after Abraham had completed so many of his experiences in life?

What were these people doing with their time? If they were preaching, why do we have no record of it? If they weren't, what were they up to?

I offered this question in prayer a few days ago, and this morning as I was meditating the scriptures the Lord revealed to me the answer to these questions, adding another layer onto some teachings on truth that he had given me over the last few years. The following will be condensed, but I hope to expand upon it in a future book.

When someone progresses in truth, the encounter higher blessings, but also separate themselves (to a degree) from those who possess lower grades or smaller quantities of truth. In order to progress to the level of law and glory (which are the same) that he possesses, the Father had to separate himself from the those of telestial and terrestrial glory. Though he has constant and total connection to them through the spirit, he cannot occupy the same space with them. Men also experience this, on a lesser scale, here on earth. 

As a man acquires more truth, his capacity to preach it to those of lower glory/law without revealing a degree of truth above what they can bear is diminished. For every degree of glory, there is a degree of glory at which interaction is no longer possible without unavoidable damage. Were the Father to appear to a terrestrial man, the latter would immediately be destroyed. Though I am not aware of a living man who has acquired enough glory to physically damage others, I am aware of several who have enough spiritual knowledge that interaction with them will cause those of lower levels of glory to permanently turn away from the truth. Perhaps this sounds far-fetched. Recall the example of Joseph Smith. He acquired sufficiently more truth than his fellows--his closest associates--that they turned from his best friends into his mortal enemies. They actually killed him. They murdered him because the truth he possessed was so much greater than they could bear. 

Adam separated himself from the people as he progressed up the spiritual ladder. Enoch (post-mission) did the same. Shem did the same. In each case, they resided in cities populated only by those who could interact with the level of truth they possessed without damage. At some point, the amount of truth you can obtain is limited by the spiritual state of those with whom you associate.

But, you ask, why can't those who have more truth simply keep their mouths shut? Because a fundamental principle of acquiring truth is to always stand for it, at all times and in all places. It is so fundamental that it is the covenant we make at baptism (though few keep it).

Much more could be said about this topic, and much more will be. Stay tuned.