Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The devil resists repentance

In a dream: I was in the shower washing away the filthiness from my body when a demon (I assume the devil) seized upon me. My entire body became locked up, and I was forcibly slid across the floor to the mirror adjacent the shower, positioned at head level, where I saw the darkness of the demon in my face. Some time ago, I would have looked away in fear and horror (see below), but because I have developed unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I stared down the demon and his dark influence. Not because I am anything of myself, but because I have fully submitted to the Lord Jesus, and I know of his greatness and power. I immediately cast him out in Jesus' name, and awoke.

We frequently underestimate the power of supernatural beings. God is indescribably more powerful than we imagine, as are his angels. The same is true of Satan and his minions. I once was present when some close associates began to joke about Satan. Speaking from experience, I told them if they had ever met them, they would not joke about him. He is no joke. Our only hope in defeating him is to cleave to the Lord Jesus with all our might, mind, and strength. In his grace, he will create a positive feedback loop to give us more might, mind, and strength, until we increase sufficiently in light and truth to overcome the devil and all his minions.