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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Parable of the Dumpster

Dumpsters, even when empty, have a potent, rotten smell. A child who didn't know any better would not realize that the food that eventually ended up in the dumpster smelled very different when fresh. If a parent were to tell the child that food produced the smell from the dumpster, and if the child had (for some reason) never seen fresh food, he would get a very wrong impression about what fresh food looks, tastes, and smells like, wouldn't he?

The historical disconnect between Joseph Smith's experiences and today make it impossible to effectively recover his teachings without God revealing it anew to you. That the remains of his teachings contain truth is undeniable. However, I have not yet met even one person who has reproduced Joseph's experiences in our day from what we have left (which has been mixed with many false traditions and intentional modifications).

Instead of seeking God from within the confines of the dumpster of the rotten remains of the restoration, which has passed through the gut of the long-corrupt LDS church, we should seek God as a humble child.

If you assume that the pungent odor of a dumpster heralds what you are seeking, you will be profoundly disappointed in your search. You will never find what you are looking for. Instead of seeking "temples" "priesthood" and "ordinances," we should be seeking the fruits of the gospel: gifts of healing, gifts of godly compassion, prophecy, and most importantly, a constant connection with God. If our religion has not yielded the ability to receive answers to the questions we ask God, we need a new religion. If our religion has not yielded the ability to receive frequent visitations from the Lord Jesus, we need a new religion. I know people who will fight to the death over their supposed reverence for Joseph Smith, and yet they do not realize that the concepts they revere are simply proven to be something other than what Joseph Smith taught: if they were on the right track, surely their reverence for what they assume are Joseph's teachings would have yielded the same experiences that Joseph had? If they truly revered Joseph, they would recognize what they embrace as the dumpster remains of something lost to the past. They would abandon it, and seek God directly as a humble child. And they would obtain.