Saturday, March 25, 2017

California dreaming

A new study published in Nature suggests that a large section of California could drop nearly instantly into the sea in the next large earthquake.

The significance of this study is that it shows that vertical drops are very much possible in that region during massive earthquakes.

God's warning to that region shows incredible mercy and patience. Scientists for as long as I've been paying attention have affirmed that:

  1. California will not drop into the sea during an earthquake--it is impossible.
  2. Large fissures do not occur as a result of earthquakes--it is impossible.
  3. Earthquakes cannot trigger adjacent faults--it is impossible.
  4. Very large earthquakes (mag. 10 or higher) are impossible.

Yet, scientists have in fact proven that:
1. There is a high probability that large segments of California will drop into the sea during an earthquake.

2. Earthquakes can cause large fissures in the ground. This should have been well known for a long time, as the New Madrid quake in the early 1800s caused large fissures for many miles which can still be seen, where water and sand exploded from the ground.

3. Earthquakes can trigger adjacent faults. (Check out the video halfway down this page)

4. Larger earthquakes than seen in recorded history are possible. This is due to the fact that previous calculations assumed only one fault triggering at a time. The energy of a quake is a factor of the fault length and displacement. If multiple faults trigger at the same time, the energy could be much larger than anything seen in the last 150 years. Other research suggests that earthquakes are probably correlated with the earth and sun's electromagnetic relationship, and recent changes to both mean a higher potential for more powerful and more frequent earthquakes than exist in our historic knowledge.

What to expect when you are expecting

Geoscientists have been consistently wrong about their assertions of what is and isn't possible. Why trust them when it comes to fatality estimates, particularly when they have a vested economic and social interest in downplaying risk? Imagine what would happen to their reputation, employment, and the local economy of these areas if they said that the >99% chance of a  large earthquake in these regions (yes, that is what they are saying) would cause millions of deaths?

Why are their estimates so consistently low? Whether talking about the Cascadia subduction zone or the San Andreas areas, their death estimates are in the low tens of thousands. Yet, they are expecting millions of people to be displaced. Why? Because their homes and places of work will be totally destroyed. Does that add up to you? Will tens of millions of people happen to be outside when the quake strikes and manage to get to high ground in the 15 minutes they have before the first tsunami hits? Will there be no additional deaths due to the lack of medical care for the millions of wounded, clean water, and food for months after the fact? Will there be zero deaths due to rioting, looting, and other malfeasance?

In 1906, there were 400,000 people living in San Francisco. The earthquake caused over 3,000 immediate deaths, with more from the fires that occurred afterward, which raged for four days. Even forgetting the inevitable fire that comes after gas lines are ruptured, and ignoring the fact that small wooden homes are much more resilient to earthquakes than large concrete buildings, using the same percentage for the modern population of San Fransisco, that would be 6,277 deaths. But that is just modern San Francisco, which is just 3 miles x 3 miles. Unlike in 1906, the Bay Area is now home to more than 7 million people. That's 525,000 deaths with the same percentage.

What about Greater Los Angeles, an area scientists predict will be hit by a big quake and which is also sitting on a bed of criss-crossing faults? 19 million people, 1.4 million deaths.

None of these figures factor in swaths of the land dropping into the sea, tsunamis, fires and violence after the quake, lack of food/water, etc.

Trust the Lord

The Lord has been warning people of the coming west coast catastrophe for a long time through dreams and visions. Recently, he was purported to have said that the trigger event for that catastrophe would be the United States turning its back on Israel. That happened just a few months ago when John Kerry orchestrated a UN resolution to divide Israel, and the US opted not to use its veto power to block it. It is time to get ready for this event. If you live in California, I would definitely consider moving if I were you.