Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Parable of the Knight's Helmet

There was a child with a plastic knight's helmet. Being so young, he had no idea how to orient the helmet. He just knew it was meant to be worn on the head. He unknowingly put the helmet on backwards, which caused a great deal of pain and blocked his vision. His father, knowing the way helmets go and recognizing his suffering, called him over to fix the helmet. The son ran away, not trusting the father. Finally, the father asked one of his son's older siblings to catch him, pull off the helmet, and bring it to him. When the young child's helmet was removed, he cried bitterly. While it was expected that he did not understand what was happening, it is surprising that he reacted negatively given that the pain he had felt until now was removed. He was so fixated on the idea of a helmet--even the wrong helmet--that he did not realize he was better off with no helmet than a backwards one. The sibling immediately returned the helmet to the father as commanded, and the father immediately came to the young child and put the helmet on the right way. The child stopped crying and ran off happily. Only moments later, he had taken off the helmet and put it back on the wrong way.