Sunday, July 2, 2017

The parable of the unused muscle group

A certain man had lifted weights from his youth. He enjoyed making gains from time to time. One day, he realized that despite what he thought was his best effort, his lat muscles were undeveloped. He spent time researching why. His research was a mix of searching out publicly available knowledge and introspection of his own physiology and experience. At some point, he realized that his efforts to grow his lats were not optimal because his posture and muscle activation were not right. In spite of significant effort, his lats could only grow as much as they already had until he adopted a better form. By fixing his form, he would have to start at much lower weight while he retrained his body and mind, but by doing so he could build a strong foundation to achieve much higher weights not only on back exercises, but on exercises like the bench press, which were surprisingly reliant upon the lat muscles despite not being directly involved.