Sunday, July 30, 2017

What if God appeared to everyone tomorrow?

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with an atheist. At one point, he asked what would happen if God appeared to everyone tomorrow.

What would happen if God appeared to everyone tomorrow? Well, the short answer is that most if not all people who have not seen him would die. But let's set that aside for a moment.

How would your life change if you saw God tomorrow? Of course, you would believe in God if you don't already. The surprising answer is that it probably wouldn't change at all. 

As I argued in my book "Seek Ye This Jesus," belief in God does not necessarily change you. Believing in God is not the same as Believing God. This is because the existence of God is a totally different concept from correctly understanding God's character and commandments. You can believe in God--as billions do--without actually doing anything he says.

How do you get to know God's commandments and character? You rely on the intercession of those who know him better than you do. There are very many who claim to know God better than you do, but almost all of them are either incorrect or liars. One of the greatest challenges of this life is learning how to test purported messages of truth.

I wrote about this process here.