Saturday, August 19, 2017

Segmentations within "the Remnant"

When it comes to those who have left organized churches looking for something more, they seem to fit into one of several segments. There are those who were offended by their internal sensibilities ("I don't like what my church says about _____"). There are those who find corruption in their church sect ("My church teaches _____, which contradicts God's word on the subject). There are also those who find corruption in themselves ("I realize there is more to Christianity than what I have experienced by following these teachings. I need more/better instruction to rise higher").

The first group do not trust God, but trust in the arm of the flesh. They want a religion that conforms to the fickle moral standards of the world. They want a religion that pleases the flesh. These will never know God unless they learn to trust him and repent.

The second group are interested in God's will. They focus this externally. They want another church, one that conforms to God's word. Unfortunately, all institutions will invariable become corrupted. Religion was never meant to be an institution, but an individual experience. In order to become an institution, the continuous gospel has to be unplugged from God and reduced to a fixed set of rituals. Those that take this path will eventually find all the same problems with their new church that they had with their old church.

The third group are inwardly focused. They want to fix themselves, not erect another institution. They want to conform themselves to the word of God. They tend to see the corruption in any earthly institution, not just their own church sect, and are far less likely to get sucked into another man-made religion.