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God will visit his pure daughters

This morning I was crying to the Lord on behalf of women who are pure in heart who have been abused and cast aside. I laid out the case of these women: that they truly are treasures, having unconditional love, being the rarest treasure on this earth; capable of bringing unspeakable joy to men who love God and have discernment of good; worthy of every good thing in this life and in the next, but instead finding themselves in the worst of situations because of the evil men they married.

The Lord pointed out that some of these women knew better than to marry the men they did, and they have to reap what they sow. I said "yes, but there are those who did not know, who either were lied to or weren't adequately guided by their elders who should have known better. And some were equally yoked when they married, but either their husbands have degraded or the wives have advanced, and are now being persecuted by their husband, who should love them the most." I named some examples. He agreed.

As he filled my heart with their pain through the gift of discernment, I said, "Lord, look upon the hearts of your pure daughters. Look how even in the depths of despair they freely forgive their oppressive husbands. Look how they turn a blind eye to their faults and sincerely wish only to find a way to make it work. Lord, they will not ask for justice, they simply ask for love. Lord, I invoke your justice against these men, and in favor of these women. Surely something can be done."

He said:

There are several purposes to the situation my pure daughters find themselves in. By suffering injustice, these women are heaping onto their heads future blessings they know not of, joy and rejoicing that are beyond description. Part of that blessing is their acquiring a deep recognition and appreciation for the joys of future situations that they would not otherwise appreciate and therefore rejoice in, because joy comes from value. 
Nevertheless, my justice cannot be held back forever. Judgment is and will always be poured out when the situation no longer benefits. In some cases, the husbands will repent, and the wives will be filled with the joy of the fulfillment of their hope as well as the joy that comes from those who have interceded and atoned for the soul of another.
I have looked upon the tears of my pure daughters. Their hearts have not cried out to me in vain. A way will be provided for their escape from their husbands' oppression. A way will be provided to take them to the inheritance they have merited, of peace and joy and happiness greater than they have imagined. 
Until then, tell them to look to me in every thought, to cry to me with full purpose of heart, and to translate their trust in me into open-mindedness to see and recognize the way I provide to save them. I am God, and I will show them I am mighty to save. They are my sheep, and I will guide them out of their affliction as they trust in and obey me in all things. I will take them from their husbands who have received their reward and give them to another who will treasure them as I do and who will show them the love I have for them.