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If you are contemplating suicide--don't. 

You are not alone. No matter what is getting at you, you need to realize that it isn't some unfortunate uncommon thing that has happened to you. No matter the cause, what you are experiencing is part of reality, and it is something that every person will eventually have to go through and overcome. There is no escape except by finding the tools that are sufficient to overcome it. It is very likely that many people have felt exactly what you are feeling, and most of them found ways of overcoming it. You need to find those tools and apply them. And you can. There is a sword sufficient to slay every dragon.

You are a child of God. There are reasons for everything you are facing. It might take some explaining, but if you turn to God, I promise that it will eventually make sense. I also promise you that there is nothing that can happen in this world that has power to prevent you from having God's joy if you will seek and accept the things he will teach you. 

Suicide is a choice.

Killing yourself is cowardly, selfish, and foolish.

It is cowardly because instead of searching for tools to overcome what is bothering you, you opt to quit. 

It is selfish because you care more about your own welfare more than the suffering you will cause those you leave behind.

It is foolish because there is no escaping the things that bother you. Whether here or hereafter, every single challenge we face reveals character flaws in us that will continuously torment us until or unless we discover the changes we need to make within ourselves to become capable of overcoming them. Those who kill themselves will find themselves faced with the same exact issues they currently face, worlds without end, until or unless they seek and find the information required to overcome those issues.

I am very familiar with the attempted counterarguments to what I've said. Here are some of them:

1 - "Where is your compassion?" It is not compassionate to hurt people. When you treat the choice to kill yourself as a medical condition that can't be controlled by choice, you are condemning people to unnecessary, inescapable torment. Telling the truth is the most compassionate thing you can do. If it includes things people really don't want to hear and will hate you for saying, it is even more compassionate.

2 - "How can you judge people when you don't know what it's like?" How can you judge me by assuming I don't know what it's like? I have yet to meet someone going through something less worse than I have, and I'm not done yet. I have yet to kill myself. Instead of quitting, I turned to God, and I asked him to reveal the horrible truths that I needed to know in order to overcome all things, as he did. You will find many of those things taught in "Men are that they might have joy." God has sufficient knowledge to overcome every affliction here on earth--meaning, he has sufficient knowledge to help you perservere in your character in spite of every challenge to it that can come here.

Language matters. I refuse to say "died by suicide." You should, too. Tell the truth. The truth is, "killed himself / herself." 

Why does language matter so much? Because by describing things in flattering ways, you harm those who will be influenced toward incorrect action.