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A principle of love

 Think of someone you love: a parent, a spouse, a child.

Imagine some contrived situation where you had to choose whether to trade their life for the life of many. Would you do it? Unless you are a very odd person, you wouldn't. You would let those other people die in order to save the life of your loved one.

The Father loved the world enough to give the life of his Son for it. Not one person among those who were saved and will be saved through that sacrifice is as great as Jesus.

Can anyone love anyone more than the Father loves the Son?

How can the greatest love we know of do things that what you call love would never do? 

The only possibility is that what you call love is less than what the Father and the Son call love.

The strongest bond that can exist between two people is the bond of total alignment with reality, as known and revealed by God.

Everything God does is designed for the greatest benefit to the world. Not the benefit of any single individual. 

In other words, through this simple explanation and many other possible ones, it can be shown that God is perfectly rational, and that in his rationality he does not give special preference to himself.

Here is an example: 

When two people get married, they make promises to each other that no one I've met so far actually keeps. These promises are designed around specific circumstances. 

Specific instructions (otherwise known as commandments) can never be as strong as principles (which apply to many circumstances and provide greater granularity in order to navigate more precisely through constraints). 

The principle of marriage, which is much greater than what normal people engage with, is the following:

I will do everything I am capable of, or could be capable of, to benefit you, as much as you are willing and able to receive.

I have just given you a grand key to happiness. This is what it means to love someone. 

If you live this principle fully, you will find yourself doing things that make other people think you are a monster, and yet you will be living more like God than can imagine.

A person living this principle will not hesitate to give their own life or the lives of their loved ones if it is what benefits the world. They will not hesitate to instantly divorce their spouse if that is, for whatever reason, what benefits them more than being with them. They will also not hesitate to endure the greatest imaginable abuse from a spouse if that is what benefits the spouse more than any enumerated alternative. 

Those with little understanding would be very scared to find their spouse, parent, or child adopting such a definition of love. They mistakenly think the false promises people make each other in the name of "love" are stronger than what I have revealed to you.

They are wrong. 

The bond I speak of is so much stronger than any trite promise two people can make to each other. 

As more and more calamities pour out onto this world, many will question how God can allow these things and still be a loving God. Many will see the false things they had leaned so hard on--including what they thought was love--evaporate like dew on a hot morning. 

The only thing that will pass through the fire is what comes from God, such as this definition of a principle of love which I have given you. 

When the fire comes in increasing intensity--and it will--you will see individuals you have never noticed before display a strength of love that you never would have imagined was possible. They already have it. I know some of these people, and I am one of these people. 

You can be one of these people, too. You don't have to wait until the fire comes.

Imagine, for a moment, the depth of intimacy and trust that can exist between two people who both have adopted this principle. Can true trust exist under any other circumstances?

This bond is not limited to those who are romantically involved, and it is not limited to existing towards specific people.

It is supernally wonderful to adopt this principle for your spouse. It is even better to act this way with all of your family, and even better with your closest friends. To be like God, you must adopt it with ALL PEOPLE, including those who bitterly hate you. When you do, you will open a massive flood gate that currently holds back your ability to sense more of the infinite and incomprehensible love God has for you. 

I know the truth of what I speak.