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Fighting Satan

This post will be concise, but it will contain treasures. Pay attention.

Satan's power is based on faith, just as anyone else's. 

Faith is belief unto action. It is based on ideas about cause and effect coupled to reasons to believe. The more reasons, and the more predictive the ideas, the more power you have.

There is a non-negotiable process for accumulating power. There is also a non-negotiable process for losing it. 

Losing power consists of:
-Adopting beliefs that are incorrect or incomplete.
-Observing contradictions to your beliefs.

The contradictions rob you of the confidence that is required to exercise power. When you doubt, you will not act, and when you don't act, you can't exercise power.

How to take down Satan

One of Satan's beliefs is that mankind will not trust God sufficiently to obey him completely. When people exercise complete and sustained submission to God coupled with insatiable searching for more information about him, they overcome all things and ascend to become joint heirs with the Savior in the presence of the Father, providing incontrovertible evidence that Satan's beliefs are incorrect.

Presently, Satan still has great power. He is currently more powerful than any of you reading this. However, his power will be taken from him in our day through God working his marvelous work and wonder of the last days, which will include redeeming many thousands of people from the fall as described above. 

If you want to take part in this, here is how you will do it: You will develop unshakeable trust in God, which means you will be obedient unto death while seeking more understanding of his character and reality with all your might, mind, and strength.

As you do this, you are going to be exposed to some awful truths. For example, you will be utterly shocked to see just how many people are under Satan's power. Satan is very intelligent. He is strategic. He will keep his people in reserve because he realizes it's more effective for people to believe he doesn't exist rather than to try to get them to overtly obey him. It's easier to get people to fight truth by convincing them it isn't true rather than to overtly fight what they know is right. 

When you stand up for what is right at all times and all places, you will be shocked to see just how much animosity you receive and from whom you receive it.

Here are Satan's priorities and how he will use people against you:

1) He will tempt you to sin. When he fails at that because your trust in God is so unshakable that you can no longer believe that doing anything but what God says is in your best interest because of his love for you, 

2) He will cause you great pain and sorrow. There are many ways he can do this both directly on your body, and indirectly by using the people under his power. You will be shocked to see just how effectively he can put salt into your wounds, making it harder to do all the good that you are receiving an increased awareness of. He can wreak havoc on your daily life. He can cause immense physical afflictions, as he did with Job. He can cause your spouse and children to do great harm to you. He can take your job. He can cause false rumors to spread. He can take your home. He can even cause car accidents. His power basically entails nearly all things of this world. It's extensive. It will surprise you.

I have written extensively about sin, so I will focus here on giving you a key for overcoming the pain and sorrow he can cause you. There are two points here:

1) Trust in God's justice. You have to understand God's character attribute of justice. It is absolute and unchanging. There is zero wavering. God is just, period. Every single thing you suffer that is not due to your own fault will absolutely, positively be paid back to you with interest. There is zero question. There is zero exception. This is as solid a fact as the fact that God exists. What does this mean in practice? If you can reach the point where you truly believe that God is just, you can, through him, endure all things that Satan can throw at you, because you know that your suffering is "but for a moment" and that the end will be greater than the beginning. As you can imagine, there is no faking this. You really have to trust God. There is no other way. 

2) Lean on the rock of Christ. God does nothing that isn't for your benefit. When you love God and obey him perfectly, you can trust that absolutely everything that happens to you is for your good. He has power over Satan, and he does not allow Satan or anyone else to do things to you that exceed your capacity to overcome them with the tools he provides you. 

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

When you resist Satan and his minions, you remove their power because you prove them wrong. You show them, through manifesting the glory of God through your faithfulness to him, that God is right, and that God is more powerful than he is, and that he has lost.

...whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction. (1 Nephi 15:24)

Here is the surprising end of developing these two tools: You can and you will reach the point where Satan must flee from you, because everything he could do to you to attempt to injure your faith in Christ will actually increase your faith in Christ! At that point, he will have absolutely no power over you! He will not mess with you because you, through your trust in Jesus Christ, will have power through faith to rob him of his power. Imagine that.

I certify that this is possible. Satan has had every reason in the world to make me a prime target for his resistance. Yet, here I am. God is so great, so good, and so worthy of any trust we can place in him that there is nothing he can do to me to decrease my trust in God. I rejoice in any affliction he sends my way because it means that God will further manifest his love, goodness, and justice to me. His goodness makes my face like a flint that will not turn away. The Lord has rebuked and reduced him through the faith he has given me, and he will do so much more as time goes on through the things he gives me to teach, which will empower others to do the same.

This doesn't mean he will never mess with you, because he will continue to send little prods here and there, knowing that your power relies on your continued faith in Christ, which is your choice to sustain or not. However, you can repel him the same way you have in the past, through trust in God. 

Satan's stepwise destruction is underway. Jesus Christ defeated Satan as a god before the creation of this world. Jesus Christ defeated Satan as the Son of God on earth during his mortal ministry. The Lord will orchestrate his defeat by Michael and his angels in our day (see Revelation 12, which has not yet occurred) and he will then orchestrate his defeat here on earth. Be a part of the army that defeats him by rising up in faith in the Lord Jesus. Be true and faithful to all things, even unto death, and prove Satan wrong.