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Degrees of awareness of God's love: water into wine

There were two men and two innocent young women. 

Man #1 learned of a car crash where a young woman who had just graduated from high school was killed on her way home from visiting her elderly grandfather. With a longing heart, he said "this is so tragic." His longing abruptly terminated when he was asked, "would you trade places with her?" He replied, "no, there are things I want to do." 

Man #2 was sitting in a crowded drive through when he observed a mother and her young daughter holding hands walking into the restaurant. The young girl had a debilitating ailment that cause her to walk with a massive limp. In a moment, the man considered all the pain and suffering this daughter would experience in life as a result of that condition, and his heart broke into a million pieces. He thought about how much pain her mother would experience in helplessly watching her daughter suffer, and his heart broke again. He cried to the Lord, "dear God, I know that everything you do is for the benefit of mankind, and my mind knows that this is according to your wise and loving purposes, but my heart breaks for these your daughters. Dear God, isn't there something you can do?" And the spirit said to him "would you take upon yourself this girl's pain to spare her from it?" And the man said, "Lord, you know I would." And the spirit said, "what if it cost you 10x the pain, would you do it?" And the man said, "Lord, you know I would." And the spirit said, "what if it cost you 100x?" And the man said, "Lord, you know I would." The spirit said, "what if it cost you 1000x the pain?" And the man said, "Lord, everything I can endure, I would endure for that girl and everyone suffering in all the world, even to death." The spirit said, "And what about after death?" The man said, "Lord, I would suffer all things for all eternity for the sake of all the suffering innocent people in this world." The Lord spoke to him and said: "My son, if you as a mortal man can feel that much love for mankind, imagine how much more I love them."

The first man's love was water. The second man's love was wine. The difference between the two is Jesus. 

Jesus' love is unending. It has no limits. Just as Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana, he will turn the love of a man from water into wine. Any person that seeks Jesus with all their heart, might, mind, and strength will find themselves undergoing that miracle.

Charity can endure all things, and it is the only thing that can.