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New Blog

Hi all, I've spent a few months thinking about how I can help those who are not well-versed with the scriptures to become familiar with the many passages that warn us of the destruction that is to occur before the second coming of Christ. Many believe that the destruction associated with the second coming are the only ones that are to occur. However, the destruction that precedes the second coming is amply described in scripture and could endure for some time before the coming of Christ. Understanding these events is critical to ensure that we are prepared spiritually and temporally, and also to ensure that we endure until Christ's coming, not thinking that he is delaying it once we are in the thick of the prescribed calamities. I have gone through the scriptures and pulled out every passage that describes the pre-second coming calamities. I have tagged each passage appropriately. This allows users to click on a tag, say "earthquakes", and pull up all passages des

Parable of the Lake

Long ago, the king of the land, knowing the end from the beginning, built a dam to capture the living water of a running brook. Over the ages, the dam amassed an enormous amount of living water. The large valley downstream from the land, which didn't have much water from the brook to begin with, became even more of a desolate waste. After a time, the king sent a servant with instructions to break down the dam. He did so, losing his life in the process. The servant's actions sent a wall of water into the valley, where the water level rose to the peaks of the mountains that encompassed it. The new lake vaunted itself, boasting about the height of its waters. Over time, the water level began to drop. The lake continued to vaunt itself, boasting that it was still mightier than any other lake in the otherwise parched land. Instead of diminishing, the pride of the lake seemed to increase proportionate to the drop in the water level. As the lake settled, it clouded and stagnated, un