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Two People Exposed to the Same Facts with Two Different Conclusions: A Response To Denver Snuffer's Post on Emma Smith

It never ceases to amaze me that two different people can be exposed to the same exact stack of evidence, and yet yield two wholly different conclusions. I write in response to this post: There are two main points to Denver's post: 1) "Unequivocal condemnation of Brigham Young," and 2) the negative image of Emma Smith is due to fabrications by Young. I really wish I had adequate time to write this post the way it needs to be written. I can only spare a few short minutes. As usual, while I hope to give breadcrumbs to those who care to inform themselves and form their own conclusions, I'm sure those who are set in their ways of seeing things will find this argument wholly inadequate. First, let's start on Brigham Young. It really surprises me that Denver would condemn Brigham Young. Analyzing Brigham Young's history, we see someone who, prior to Utah, gave absolutely everything he had to give to the

Impressions and Talk from Remnant Reunion and Yes, I Have Books

Hi everyone. I was asked by God and by Bret Corbridge to participate in the Remnant Reunion. I was only able to be there for about half the time due to some family obligations, but it was very nice to see some old friends again and to make some new ones. When meeting people, I was surprised to hear how many of them have read this blog. I was a little disappointed that many of them did not know I have written a few books. That disappointment is not a result of pride due to lack of renown, but that I put a lot of effort into them with a conscious effort to distribute them for free (the print copies are sold for what the printer charges to print them, the pdfs are free). They are linked on the right of this blog. I hear the mobile version doesn't display the sidebar.  My takeaway from the part of the meetings that I attended is that I am glad that there was so much tolerance present for a diversity of ideas and experiences. There wasn't anything crazy or inappropriate that

Temporal Preparation for the Destruction to Precede the Second Coming

I am very uninterested in writing this post. There are so many ways what I am about to say can be abused in ways that will lead people into doing the wrong thing or doing things at the wrong time. Still, I know there are a lot of people who are thinking along these lines, and I don't want to stand idly by when I have accumulated a little information on the topic. Here are a few things to do if you are interested in your wellbeing during the destruction that is to come. 1. Give to the poor. If there were one reason for the destruction that is coming, it would be abuse and neglect of the needy. If you are in the group who is responsible for this, nothing you do will spare you from what it coming, because God has to remove you from this earth before Zion comes. Note that "the group who is responsible for this" includes many millions of people who have no idea that they are responsible for abusing the poor. The Holy Ghost can reveal to you where Babylon begins and ends

Homesteading Failure

For the last 10 months I have been fully engaged in extra-curricular homesteading. We purchased a new home in a new area. I had thought that with the economic difficulties ahead, and the food shortages ahead, creating a plot that generated enough food for us and others would be a service to many. For the last 10 months, I have put in a herculean effort and a lot of money into fighting: Huge amounts of snow. Scant amounts of rain. 80% rock soil. Devastating bugs eating all my seedlings again and again. About 50 deer that come through my yard daily. Poor quality shipped plants. Ravens that have eaten 37 baby chickens and one adult hen at a time. Foxes that ate 5 laying hens in a day. A sample of what I've spent my time and money doing: Building a massive chicken enclosure to keep predators out. Removing a pile of rocks and boulders (mostly by hand) about 15' square and 7 ft high. Digging about 30 holes in the rocky soil for fruit trees. Moving a few tons of horse