Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Update on Ugandan Orphanage

Hi all,
I got a newsletter from "The Future is Now" orphanage in Uganda. Started by an escaped former child soldier, the organization provides housing and education in the aftermath of a long, terrible civil war.

They have about 250 that they educate for free. They have sponsors for only 5 of those children. The money pays for teachers and uniforms for the kids. Interested sponsors can donate through paypal via the website, or email Denis (the director) at denistfin@gmail.com, call or WhatsApp us on +256 789 320 901.

They currently have space for about 50 orphans to stay in the orphanage complex. They are seeking funds to accommodate 200 more.

In addition to building costs, they are seeking monthly funding to feed these kids. Right now they are receiving just a few hundred dollars per month, and there isn't hardly enough food for the 50 kids they have at present, let alone the other 200 that have nowhere else to go.

If you have the ability and interest to help, please consider a monthly donation. Links to set one up are on paypal, and they are registered in the US as a tax deductible non-profit.