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The vision of the escorted woman

In a very large room, there was a long sidewalk slab made of gray marble and beautiful thick brown wood rails. The bridge was not hanging from the ceiling or supported by columns, but it was floating very solidly in midair. The marble sidewalk was at perhaps 9 feet wide. In the center of the sidewalk walked two women. One was young, the other older. They walked side by side. The older woman was an escort to the younger. They walked along in the very center of the sidewalk, nowhere near the rails. The end of the sidewalk featured a counter arrayed perpendicular to the sidewalk, with a partial wall directly behind it. There was another woman behind the counter. The escort delivered the young woman to the woman behind the counter, and they both walked around and behind the wall.

A Psalm

To all who will lift their eye to your throne, You inundate the universe with knowledge, Like waves crashing against the shore, At once chaotic and rhythmic, cascading in a slew of ideas and implications. Your knowledge is endless, a constant spring pouring forth in the minds and hearts of all to the degree they turn to you. Your light and knowledge are in all things and through all things. We cannot stem the flow, only rob ourself of the benefit through our inattention or disobedience. Your word is an ever present sword, progressively developing our discernment of good and evil, increasing the detail of our perception of reality, showing ever-increasingly things as they really are, what improvement is, and what leads to it, and what detracts from it. You will give to anyone who seeks more happiness, more understanding of what it is and what it is not, how you are, and why we should be like you. You are overflowing with wisdom and love and patience and forgiveness. Let all cre