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Enmity rising

More of our modern life is dependent upon the grace of God than you realize. God has granted the developed world a great deal of light in the form of the principles upon which society relies. Those who have traveled to developing nations know what happens without these. In much of Africa, you can't have electricity because people will tear down the lines to sell them for copper. Think of what this scavenging requires: sufficient ignorance and/or selfishness in those who tear them down, those who buy them and melt them down, and those who buy the copper from the middlemen. As we turn away from this light, the natural consequence is that the outcomes that rely upon it will recede and disappear. Enmity is rising. The spirit of enmity will cause: Poor against rich. Left against right. Race against race. Young against old. Sibling against sibling. Spouse against spouse. Child against parent. Parent against child. Neighbor against neighbor. City against city. State aga

Update on talks next month

Saturday, March 23 Title : "Revelation, learning, and discerning" Time : 9AM Location : TBD Venue size: 250 people Audience : Current LDS (if you have read my blog or books, it is probably best to leave these seats for someone else. I will post the presentation later). Sunday, March 24 Title : "Seeing eye to eye to bring Zion." Time : 9:30AM-10:30AM Location : Lehi. Email me with headcount for RSVP purposes and I'll give you the address Venue size : 50 people Audience : Believers in Christ who accept the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. Title : "Acquisition of truth: why it matters, how to do it." Time : 3PM (1hr 15min) Location : Centerville Venue size : 500 people Audience : Believers in Christ who accept the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. TO DO: I am still open to the possibility of speaking in a home Saturday afternoon. Email me with location, demographic, capacity, and estimated headcount if you ha

Book is drafted / Speaking venues needed

Hi all, I finished the book draft Sunday. Now begins the oh-so-fun editing process. I will be coming to Utah to give a free talk (and possibly more than one) related to the topics in the book Saturday and Sunday March 23-24. I need your help finding venues for speaking in Utah and/or Salt Lake counties. I have several topics to speak on that are non-repetitive (though they overlap slightly). I'd like to give a large talk to a general audience on Saturday March 23rd. For this talk, we will need a projector and (if the room is large enough) a hands-free microphone and speakers. I'd like to have seating for at least 300 people. I already have one potential venue, but it is good to have options. If you have a place where we can do the large talk, email me the address, capacity, cost, times available, and contact. I would also like to give several talks (pending interest) in homes on Sunday and, depending on the time of the main talk, possibly on Saturday. We shouldn't

Show me truth

Truth can be found in strange places.  Consider these lyrics from a progressive rock band from 1992: There was no time for pain  No energy for anger  The sightlessness of hatred slips away  Walking through winter streets alone  He stops and takes a breath  With confidence and self-control I look at the world and see no understanding  I'm waiting to find some sense of strength  I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart  To show me understanding I need to live life  Like some people never will  So find me kindness  Find me beauty  Find me truth  When temptation brings me to my knees  And I lay here drained of strength  Show me kindness  Show me beauty  Show me truth The way your heart sounds  Makes all the difference  It's what decides if you'll endure the pain that we all feel  The way your heart beats  Makes all the difference  In learning to live This song often brings me to tears... The new book is

In my own defense

There are a lot of people out there talking trash about me. I don't really have much of a reputation to save, nor pride to nurse, but I have to address these comments, at least in general, so that no one is precluded from benefiting from what I write by weak arguments against it. Everyone will find something about me to get offended by. I'm an excommunicated Mormon, which makes LDS uncomfortable, but I was excommunicated for believing Jesus , which makes them REALLY uncomfortable. I believe that the text of the Book of Mormon was given by God, and believe that an honest analysis of it in the context of science and archeology support its contents rather than refute them, which makes progressive ex Mormons uncomfortable. I believe in the literal application of God's commandments as found in scripture and personal revelation, and by following that belief have come to the point where I have had visions and visitations and revelations not a few, including from Jesus, whic