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The destruction of the United States

Suppose for a moment you are God. You know all things from the beginning. You know the consequence of every action, every possible outcome, and every path to obtain them. You see the hearts of every individual. Because of all of this, you see the present world in a very different way than most people do. This is because most people do not see things as they really are. They make excuses for themselves and others. They love the lie that tells them that what they see as valuable has lasting value, and what they choose is what is right, independent of reality. You see the modern world as a trap that turns the majority of people--who are of middling intelligence and morality--into evil people while impeding the few people who will do good no matter to do what they would otherwise do for the benefit of the world. You would see gross injustice, gross dishonesty, and terrible avoidable suffering.  Having all power, but also knowing the constraints of reality and the limits of the hearts of

When the righteous cry for justice

There are people out there who do the right thing. They do it at great sacrifice. They consistently sacrifice the present for the sake of the future. They work hard. They take calculated risks. They create jobs for others. They invest in themselves by increasing their skills. They get married and have kids. They buy homes and pay their mortgages faithfully. They pay taxes. They tell the truth, even when it costs them to do so. They do the right thing, even when they are persecuted for it. Meanwhile, the first world system becomes more and more corrupt. The lazy are rewarded. The speculators are rewarded. They liars are rewarded. The delusional are rewarded. The consequences of people who refuse to align with reality are withheld. And who pays the price for all of this? The righteous do. The people stuck with the bag. The people who are living in accordance with reality and are being punished for doing so by those setting up, persisting, and even accelerating systems that warp cause

PDF Edition of new book released

You can download the book "Men are that they might have joy: Obtaining happiness and peace through Jesus Christ" here . NOTE: If you get a load error when trying to download the pdf, just hit refresh. Google drive has a throughput limit. I'll be putting up kindle and print versions at a future date. Note that Amazon is over a month out on deliveries, and that is based on optimistic assumptions about coronavirus that will prove to be false. I wouldn't wait to read it if I were you. You will need these tools to have peace and joy in the weeks and months to come. Remember, God holds us accountable for not only what we have and know, but what we have the ability to have and know. The elect will not be overcome, but they are only the elect if they make use of the resources God gives them. In releasing this book, I have made the world accountable for what it contains. -Rob

A broken reed can't be leaned on

8 This message my Lord sent to Jacob, and it shall befall Israel. 9 And the entire people— Ephraim and those who dwell in Samaria— shall know of it, who say in pride and arrogance of heart, 10 The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with hewn stone; the sycamores have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars! 11 But Jehovah will strengthen Rezin’s enemies against them when he stirs up their adversaries: 12 Aramaeans from the east and Philistines from the west will devour Israel with open mouth. Yet for all this his anger is not abated; his hand is upraised still. (Isaiah 9, Gileadi Translation) Modern humans have seen many signs that our systems, beliefs, and behaviors are inadequate to contend with reality. Instead of noticing these signs and making changes, we've doubled down on our delusion. 11 The ministers of Zoan are utter fools; the wisest of Pharaoh’s advisers give absurd counsel. How can you say to Pharaoh, We ourselves are as wise as th

(Hopefully) last warning to the I-15 corridor

You'll note that I wrote only one blog post in December and none in January or February because I have been commanded to put all of my time into getting these books out. Yesterday morning I could not work on any of my books because the Spirit of God kept telling me to write things in blog posts. One post was an answer to two questions I had received on keys. The other three posts were about calamities and sacrifice; three warnings of current and future disaster; how God will shake all things not of him to show us the consequences of things as they really are; how God's many many warnings to people have gone mostly unheeded, and how people will receive what they have chosen. Less than an hour later, the largest earthquake in decades hit Utah, epicenter close to Salt Lake City, and knocked the trumpet out of the angel Moroni statue on the Salt Lake Temple. The Lord woke me up at 2am this morning. "...He wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the

An eternal law: you can't keep what you aren't willing to give away

Throughout my books are scattered mysteries not revealed since the foundation of the world. I hardly ever dedicate more than just a passing reference to them, but they are there for those with eyes to see. To those who are searching and who are penitent in heart, the Lord will reveal more, according to his law of revelation. There will come a time where I reveal these things in greater plainness, but that time is not yet. Still, as I think on current events, my heart breaks in pieces thinking of the unnecessary suffering of people. While these events have to happen, and will lead to greater happiness, fear is not necessary. I feel particularly bad because I'm aware of the lack of tools people have been given to overcome that fear through trust in God. My book on joy will help with that. It is almost done. In the meantime, as Jesus was with the Samaritan woman, I am moved with compassion to share something that may help you. In the previous post, I mentioned how God will shake and

Confusion about keys and authority

I have to address a topic, and I have to do it very concisely for now. I apologize for the shortness of this. The topic requires more text to lay out. I will, in time, do this. For now, I have to spend my study time on the next book. The time is short, and I have to order things by priority. But, having had multiple questions oriented toward this, and knowing of the danger of getting this wrong, I will quickly address the topics of keys and authority. TLDR: Everything every church teaches about these topics is dead wrong, and if you believe what they teach, you will be permanently limited in how close you can draw to God. One person asked if I could help them understand keys. Another said "you speak as one who has authority...and I think that is wrong." (That is one of those funny things that people say unknowingly fulfilling prophecy, as when Anthon said "I can't read a sealed book.") Another person asked, "[If the LDS church does not have keys] how does

God's purposes in calamities

As parents, our task is to maximize their understanding of principles for success in life by the time they reach 18. While we have the duty to protect them from the vicissitudes of life on their own until they are ready to handle them, preparing them requires us to incrementally expose them to more. We attempt, through patient persuasion, to teach them principles of success at increasing levels of complexity. We hope they listen to us based on their faith alone in us, but also know the day will come when they will learn, whether through precept or sad experience, that what we teach them is the path of greatest happiness and minimal sorrow. So it is with God. He is showing us what aspects of our society, economy, and culture can't withstand reality--things that happen on this earth. He is shaking and destroying the things that don't endure (D&C 132:14). This doesn't happen all at once. It has aspects that seem momentarily extreme, but this is a slow-burn process. The

Coronavirus update

Americans are about to find out how sensitive our food system is. There is no national stockpile of food. We are far more tied to last year's production than you think. Inventory your food supplies. Think about how you could make what you have in your house right now stretch for one, two, or three months. If you don't have enough, contact family and friends to see if they will share. Consider getting cash and buying food or the means to make it now instead of later, when cash may not be available, travel may not be possible, and food may not be available at any reasonable price. Get creative (consider buying a hen already laying from that neighbor with the chickens). If you are an adult, consider skipping one meal per day now instead of going without food completely later. Every pound of fat on your body is one day you can safely go without food. You will actually get healthier by dropping the fat, especially if you alternate fasting days with eating days. Also consider w

The elders, notables, teachers, and leaders are "cut off"

13 But the people do not turn back to him who smites them, nor will they inquire of Jehovah of Hosts. 14 Therefore Jehovah will cut off from Israel head and tail, palm top and reed, in a single day; 15 the elders or notables are the head, the prophets who teach falsehoods, the tail. 16 The leaders of these people have misled them, and those who are led are confused. 17 My Lord is not pleased with their young men, nor does he pity their fatherless and widows, because all alike are godless malefactors, and every mouth utters profanities. Yet for all this his anger is not abated; his hand is upraised still. (Isaiah 9, Gileadi Translation) Q: Who are the "head and tail" of our society? Who are the elders? Who are the notables? Who are the prophets who teach falsehoods? Who are the leaders? A: Are they not political and religious leaders, local and national? Are they not professors and university administrators? Are they not movie stars and talking heads? Are they not p


Since January, I've been posting a lot about coronavirus on my facebook page. I've pasted a digest of those posts at the bottom of this page as well as some of the responses. So much of what we consider to be normal life relies on situations that do not endure. It’s as if we go out of our way to get to a point of complacency. Coronavirus will cause greater political, economic, and social fallout than the 2008 crash. Voting demographics will abruptly change, world views will shift, government powers and budgets will change, very many people will lose their jobs, many will lose their homes, businesses and in some cases entire industries will go defunct, and some social habits with which we strongly identify will cease. I hope that the majority of people—who opted not to prepare for these things before they came—view these changes as a blessing; A time to help them conform their lives more closely to reality and away from the status quo. Coronavirus is not the beginning no

New book is coming out

I have not been blogging much. For the last year or two, I've spent several hours per day receiving instruction from God and writing books about what he teaches me. I have over 1,000 typed pages currently organized into 4 books. I have no idea when I will finish, or even if I will publish them. What is in these books? To put it briefly, there are some people in this world who have the capacity to approach God, but they don't have the information needed to get there. These books will provide that information. In the next while I will release the first of these books, which is about joy. It's being edited right now. It will contain the tools needed to find enduring happiness and joy in spite of what exists in this world. I am engulfed on a daily basis by the ignorance and suffering of mankind. God shows me the solutions to these problems, and I am left to mourn for the stubborn ignorance of mankind. There is so much I'd like to say, but I can't.  Du