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The fraying rope to the hanging sword

This morning I inquired of the Lord regarding the outcome of the US presidential election. I had a discussion with him about pros and cons of this election outcome. 

What would you do if you were God and you wanted to send as dramatic a signal as possible regarding the awful state of our nation while mercifully holding back as many consequences as possible?

You would probably keep that sword over our heads dangling by the tiniest little thread, and swaying ominously. You would increase the swaying and allow the rope to fray to its thinnest possible state.

You would probably allow Trump to win, but you would do so:

1) With the smallest possible margins, by electoral vote and also within states. You would provide clear evidence of an irreparable divide in every corner of this country, showing people that when the dam breaks, nothing but righteousness and God's justice will protect you.

2) While providing indisputable evidence of the saturation of our government and society at all levels by those who embrace lying, cheating, stealing, bribing, and secret combinations.

You can go search the internet and see the margins in each state and nationally. You can anticipate multiple lawsuits. Whether Trump or Biden wins, this sign has been given.

You can go search the internet and see the countless pieces of indisputable evidence of widespread voter fraud and cheating. Whether Trump or Biden wins, this sign has been given. It is being flaunted openly, and no one is doing anything about it. The idea of "lie and cheat to get your way" is so interwoven into our culture that individuals and groups are clearly acting independently of centrally-controlled attempts, in addition to centrally-controlled attempts.

You need to wake up, right now. We are on the dregs of the hourglass before the ever-increasing outpouring of God's judgment kicks into high gear. Stop acting as if you have more time to repent. You don't. Stop acting as if you more time to get your affairs in order. You don't. Stop acting as if Babylon is a permanent institution. It isn't.

If Trump wins, interpret that as a last chance explosion of mercy. Use the time and resources afforded wisely. You will not get a second chance.