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Woe, woe, woe to the Mormons

In ancient times, God chastised the house of Abraham through his servant Paul, instructing them that their blessings could only be claimed through their individual obedience to God's word, and not solely by virtue of their heritage.

And now, because God is no respecter of persons, he chastises you for the same sin. You have assumed that you are inheritor of the blessings delivered to Joseph Smith when you have done none of the things he has done. Instead, you have strayed far from what God revealed through him. You follow the vain imaginations of your own heart, vainly assigning God's name to things he has not only not appointed, but that directly contradict the things he has said.

You were meant to be a nation of Joseph Smiths--men and women who actually believe Jesus and actually do the things he says, but instead are merely a nation of Mitt Romneys--smooth faced pious hypocrites who hide the secret sins of their hearts behind the narrow scope of the temple recommend interview, supposing that the approval of a 100-billion plus corporation devoid of the fruits of the gospel equates to the approval of God, who said no unclean thing can dwell in his presence, and that he cannot look upon any sin with the least degree of allowance.

You were given understanding of more about God's character and God's ways than any other people on earth today, and yet you have ignored or controverted enough of it to become indistinguishable from those without these plain and precious things.

You have and claim to believe the plainest book of scripture available today, and yet you do not do what it says. You conveniently overlook the scriptures that clearly teach contrary to the practices of your church and personal lives.

You have cast out the true prophets God has sent you to show you, in plainness, what you have so consistently overlooked from your own scriptures and the teachings of the founder of your church, as you claim.

You should have been the strongest supporters of liberty and the most steadfast defenders of the freedom God gave in this nation. Instead, you appoint men at least as corrupt as anyone else to state and federal government posts.

Your lands should be a refuge of the Holy Ghost. Instead, they are a cesspool of pride, materialism, ignorance, sexual deviance, and abuse of drugs and people. Instead of lifting up the natural man through grafting in my word, you have fallen into equal depravity by abandoning my word.

You have been weighed, and you have been found wanting. You were meant to be the salt of the earth, and yet the only difference between you and the rest of fallen Christianity is that you don't drink alcohol or coffee. You are good for nothing, and you will be cast into the streets and trampled under the feet of men.

If any righteous men or women remain in any of the various Mormon churches: heed this warning.

Make a clean break from this polluted tradition. It is irredeemable, and will be a millstone chained around the neck of anyone who ignores the clear signs of corruption abundantly available to the honest in heart. Separate yourself from the wicked. Let go of the traditions you have received. Read the Book of Mormon with beginner's eyes. Repent of all your sins, and seek the Lord your God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. This book will help you surgically remove what is from man while keeping what is from God.