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Update on book progress

I haven't been blogging much. I haven't had much to say that is bite-sized. I have found that with the world going the way it is, I need to put in the time to put together stronger weapons. I've been focusing on books. I don't expect to spend much time on this blog in the future, though I think I might spend time on videos once I have a chance to get some of the bigger topics published in books. But who knows.

I have finished a book on faith. It's being proofed now. I expect it will be out sometime next month.

One reason these books are taking so long is that I'm not writing any from start to finish. For example, I started a book on the character of God before I wrote "Seek Ye This Jesus." I have to follow the flow of what God teaches me, and there are a lot of laterals off of the topic of his character. Those threads have to be traced out before coming back to what is a summary of a lot of material. 

As of this morning, I have 3,565 unpublished pages typed into these drafts. Most of those pages are very rough notes, so I expect that the final products will be about double that length for these topics. Assuming my mind degrades at a normal rate from my present pace, I think this will take me the rest of my life. Since I don't expect the internet and electricity to be around in 33 years,  I'm not totally sure how that will work, but I'm sure God has a plan. He knows exactly what he is doing.