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New compilation of scripture

I have found an enormous amount of truth in the book Sirach, otherwise known as Ecclesiastes. The Wisdom of Solomon is another book that contains a lot of truth.

These books, which predates the birth of Christ, were considered scripture until a relatively modern decision to exclude them on rather spurious reasoning. They were included in the King James Bible [1]. They are still considered scripture by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

I prefer print scriptures to electronic copies. In part due to this reason, and in part due to others [2], I decided to compile the "wisdom" books of scripture [3]--including those removed from the original King James Bible--into a volume for my own convenience. I figured some others might benefit from it, so I am writing this post.

As with everything else I publish, it is available at print cost on Amazon. I don't intend to make a kindle or pdf edition, but if you are interested, let me know and I will ( 

[1] - What Protestants all over the world call the King James Bible is not the actual King James Bible, but the KJV minus a bunch of books that were removed afterward. It is odd to me that you can publish a book under it's original title while removing a significant portion of its contents. 

[2] - For years now, I have been aware of the need for a non-denominational printing of the scriptures. The efforts of others to this end have always ended in the addition and modification of content that deviates from this end. The requirements of the project are very simple: Make a print-cost, economical, non-denominational, footnote-free, header-free, widely available printing of the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon (with modern chapters and versification), Moses, and Abraham. What to do about the Apocrypha and the Doctrine and Covenants is a question I don't yet have the answer to. To do this to the full extent possible, one must use the thin paper typical of modern scripture printings. Unfortunately, this type of paper precludes print on demand, and therefore requires a large, traditional order, storage, and expensive one-off shipping costs. Additionally, print-on-demand books have page limits which are lower than the size of the Bible. I really don't have time to do this myself, but those who God have asked to do so turned away from him. Because I can't wait for others, I have compromised to typeset my own non-denominational version of chunks of the Bible, with book groupings loosely defined by topics such as "Wisdom," "Life and Teachings of Jesus," "Books of Moses," etc.

[3] - Later, I realized I was not the first to make this grouping.