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Some comments from YouTube

 I don't check the comments on my YouTube page very frequently. There will probably be a time when I make more videos and spend more time there, but the highest priority, for now, is working on these books. If you are interested in a response, it's better to email

Today I happened to check, and it looks like it's been at least 4 months since the last check. 

Here is a comment and response that you might be interested in:

Comment: Where do people seeking to be with God go at this point in time?  It seems there's no church to be a part of that is considered God's church?  Why did God seemingly go silent (as far as speaking through prophets goes) with the death of Joseph Smith?  From what I understand, it's like God dropped a bomb of truth on the world with the Book of Mormon, then Joseph died and it seems God's voice has been quiet/hidden ever since.

Response: This is a fantastic question. I will lay the following out in greater detail as I have more time, but in extreme brevity: 1) The nexus of your relationship with God always lies in the very next thing you have access to but aren't doing. 2) There is *always* something available to you right now that you either do not recognize or do not obey. 3) Relentlessly focus on seeing and doing whatever that next thing is.

This is very different from the idea that God will drop bombs of truth on you through sending you beings of light--whether angels or human. This isn't to say he doesn't do that--he does. This isn't to say that the flow of light in doing so wouldn't be much greater than what I described above--it is. The point here is that were he to do so without you first doing what I describe above, you a) wouldn't recognize if he did, and b) if you recognized it, you wouldn't obey it. 

Again, I apologize for the brevity. These ideas take hundreds of pages of text to lay out within my current limits of expression. Stay tuned, though. They are coming. 


It is as if God lives at the top of a mountain; While there are many paths by which you can ascend, the principle thing is that you ascend, and the defining quality is ascent. So long as you are improving, you are headed upward. 

All improvement leads to God, and you can't get to God except through all improvement.

Any improvement you can imagine is the precise road from where you are to a place closer to God. 

Your conscience is your compass, and your ability to reason is your map. What improves? Do it. What improves the most? Prioritize it.

This is only an analogy, because the truth is that God is in all places, at all times, through his voice and his spirit and his light and his truth. The problem isn't his availability, the problem is your ability to hear his voice coupled with your willingness to obey it.