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Now hiring

I apologize for the secular post.

My company is hiring. We are looking for developers of varying levels of experience for an innovative full stack (react, Ruby on Rails, AWS) cloud platform that helps scientists analyze and extract information from their experimental data using innovative, custom front end visualizations, proprietary backend architectures, and a mix of open source and custom algorithms.

It's an extraordinary application with many opportunities to solve problems no one has ever solved and learn new skills along the way.

We foster a fun and exciting environment that values integrity, respect, diversity of thought, creative initiative and the pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Things that are different about this company:

-Our team is small and your contributions will matter.

-You make decisions every day that impact the product.

-You will learn something new every day.

-We have close and rapid feedback loops with our customers. 

-We treat each other with respect (no typical arrogant software dev types).

-There is sufficient breadth and depth to what we do that people have room to gravitate towards the tasks they enjoy and are good at.

-We do not mandate vaccines. Current Montana law prohibits discrimination based on vaccine status.

-We do not judge people based on anything but a person's ability to do their job and help others do their job. We do not hire, promote, or lecture people based on their physical traits or personal beliefs. 

-We compensate based on production, not job title or tenure. The better you are, the more you get paid. 

We've been very successful with on the job training of newer developers or those whose previous experience is in a different stack. 

We'd like to bring in a mix of 2-4 senior and junior developers. We are interested in candidates who would be interested in relocating to Missoula, MT and are open to considering remote positions for the right candidate(s).

Our compensation packages include a generous paid time off policy for all FT employees and stock options, depending on candidate qualifications. We do not currently offer a health plan or 401k.

If you have development skills, please consider sending me your resume with compensation expectations and availability dates to the name of this blog at