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Roe v. Wade: States vs. Nations

If Roe v. Wade is reversed, the legality of abortion would be returned to the states. This would shift accountability from the entire United States--which contains at least some somewhat righteous people--to  a subset of individual states. These states, due to their ideological opposition to God's law, human conscience, and common sense, harbor far fewer people of even some degree of righteousness.  As a reminder, where you live matters. I recall some years ago, after speaking with a business associate in a certain far-left city, and being impressed that he had enough sense that prescribed outcomes on his city ought to be delayed, I prayed to God to intercede for that city. The Lord reviewed with me every obvious sign of iniquity there, and every glaringly wrong ideology there, and asked me what more could be done for such a place. I had no counterargument, notwithstanding my previous opinion of my associate. Disciples of Christ do not operate out of fear. You should not decide whe

The End Times Bring Greater Consequences

Our societal memory suggests that the safest path is to follow the crowd. In the past, you could do well by doing what everyone around you did. In fact, you could argue that a stable society required it. Can you enumerate cases where following the crowd today would result in severe negative consequences? There are many! Our societal memory suggests that the safest path is to follow the "experts." In the past, you could do well in life relying on the “experts.” In fact, you could argue that a stable society required it. Can you enumerate cases where following the "experts" today would result in severe negative consequences? There are many! What is going on? God has been abundantly gracious in tolerating all kinds of nonsense. For various reasons, the time for tolerance has come to an end.  Part of the great and marvelous work he is undertaking in bringing this creation to a close is to allow the consequences of human choice to flow. For a long time, he has held them

A prophecy of miracles

(Originally published 8/15/21) As humans, we have a strong tendency to project the present to the future. We also have a strong tendency to rewrite history in our minds to project the present back to the past.  Each tendency harms us in different ways. The tendency to project the present into the future entices us to avoid doing what we would do if the future were presently upon us.  The tendency to project the present into the past blinds our eyes to signs that were given that predicted the future. A model that correctly predicts the future, especially on the things that seem most unlikely, is more likely to be correct for as-yet future events.  Because all things operate on laws of cause and effect, future predictions based on a model of cause and effect that prove to be correct suggest a model of cause and effect that accords with reality--with truth, with things as they really are.  Most Christians today believe that God has no need of miracles, that he has done his work, and so on

Family associations offer light beyond worthiness, but that light is mostly rejected

Some--if not all--churches preach a supremacy of the family unit. For some reason, they teach that one's spiritual relationship with God is a function of one's relationship with family members. The scriptures teach quite the opposite. One's standing with God is a function of what degree of heed and diligence one exercises in seeking and living his light. While that light can and does come through family members, it almost never comes from parents to offspring, it is almost never shared between spouses, and it is almost never received by parents or siblings from children. Familial relations start with a tremendous advantage. Unfortunately, the challenge of overcoming the tendency to ignore bold signs of greater light often proves too much. Jesus said: "And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household." (Matthew 10:36) He also said: "The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter

What benefits the most?

How do you determine what is right, when all options are on the table? The question is always: what benefits the most? Often, what benefits the most is not trivial to calculate. Without other information, that which you least want to do is usually what you ought to do. But not always. Benefit must be measured in more than normal terms. It isn't just about the greatest quantity of benefit. Sometimes, the worth of something is in its rarity.  For example, suppose you are evaluating whether to keep associating with a group of people: your church, your friends, your family, etc. Maybe it isn't the the quantity of teachings God is sending from you to them that are of the most worth. Maybe it is the fact that you are the only one willing to suffer what is required to endure to get it to them. Maybe your willingness to suffer beyond what others would is producing fruit in this individual that could be had in no other way. No matter how infinitesimally small or glacially slow, the rari

Reduce your reliance upon fools

Recently, we were all shown in plainness how quickly government officials can impose absurd and arbitrary requirements on society with stiff penalties. Did you notice? Do you care? What are you doing about it? As the world marches further from the truth, realize that the foolishness of others will have drastic implications on your daily life. You are on a sinking ship. While the ship is guaranteed to sink, that outcome does not dictate your outcome. Rather, the sinking ship just provides constraints to which you can react in order to determine your outcome.  If you were on a sinking ship, you would probably try to make your way to the lifeboats and launch before the rest of the ship realized the need to do so. You probably would try to avoid being in direct command of the captain, whose foolishness caused the ship to sink in the first place. You would probably want to distance yourself as much as possible from him and his crew, the latter of which did nothing to help their commander ma

Yes, I lost my job

For many years, I asked Jesus why he said nothing when interrogated by Herod. Here was a man who had done many things more wicked than the numerous people Jesus had confronted face-to-face, things which included killing Jesus' friend and cousin John the Baptist. He clearly had an opinion of the man, publicly calling him a fox (this was a vulgar insult in that time). And yet, when he gained an audience with Herod, he said nothing. Around last October, I lost my job as a university professor for unjust reasons in a highly public ordeal lasting a week or two or three (I honestly don't remember). As this was happening, the Lord answered my prayer about Herod. He told me that certain points require certain amounts of time and certain circumstances in which to explain the truth. Where adequate reasons cannot be given, providing less would only give the opposition an excuse to believe they are justified. I understood. I then asked him what I could do to help you all. After all, you ha