Friday, November 30, 2018

Man is his own tormentor

People have some incorrect ideas about how the judgment works.

After this life, by natural consequence, you will attain a state where you are perfectly aware of things as they really are pertaining to this world. You may think that this state is quite like your present one, and in this you would be wrong. In your present state, it is very unlikely that you have an accurate view of things as they really are. This is because seeing things that way is identical to having overcome all things and being a just man made perfect. These are equivalent because things as they really are is a measure of knowledge--the same measure of knowledge that is required for and is the definition of salvation. You can only see things as they really are in two ways: by being saved, or by dying. The benefit of the former is that you also develop, by definition, the requisite character to endure that knowledge in a state of happiness, whereas the latter entails a miserable experience beyond description--being exposed to all there is to know about this world without any protecting principles whatsoever.

Man is his own tormentor in two ways.

First, when he reaches this state unprepared, he must endure the chaos pertaining to this world, chaos he is in large part shielded from via his ignorance during life. This misery is significant enough to kill any man who is exposed to it while still in this life.

Second, he realizes with perfect clarity every single opportunity that he has squandered while in this life. We tend to see the events in our lives as separate things. In reality, every moment of every day is like a bead on a very long string. Imagine a million beads floating in water, seemingly independent. Now imagine picking up one bead and seeing that, in reality, every bead is connected with fishing line, transparent until you pick it up. In that day, you will see how it is all connected. Every bit of it was put there by an omniscient God for the sole intent of maximizing your joy. Now realize that every day, all day, God is creating opportunity in your life, and you turn away from almost all of it, every day, all day. In that day, you will know with perfect clarity how much suffering in your life was completely avoidable, how much good you could have done in the lives of others but chose not to, etc. You turn away from these opportunities because you (usually) don't recognize them. You dismiss them out of hand because you don't know how to discern good and evil, you don't know God, and you don't know God's character.

I'm not sure which of these two is worse.

How do I know these things? I have been in God's presence, and know what it is like to be exposed to the chaos that he lives in. You become perfectly aware of everything in you that is less than he is. That is awful beyond description. The only thing that can save you is faith in his words when he says "your sins are forgiven," giving you strength to be there. I have also been blessed to, on two occasions, to see in a moment like a flash of lightning how thousands of seemingly unrelated teachings, experiences, people, etc. were all intricately arranged to bring about a set of outcomes.

These things are true, and today is the day to take action to prepare yourself for these experiences. They will come to you--in this life if you prepare yourself to receive them, or in the life to come if you do not.