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Cut yourself off from God with this one neat trick!

The other night, just as I was drifting off to sleep, the Lord spoke to me and revealed a significant piece of information regarding something I had prayed to know about for years and years. I got up immediately and wrote it down, then laid awake for hours thinking about the significance of what he had said, which shattered many preconceived notions I had on several topics.Joseph Smith said: "When any person receives a vision of Heaven, he sees things that he never thought of before." (WOJS Bef. Aug 1839)Moses said:And it came to pass that it was for the space of many hours before Moses did again receive his natural strength like unto man; and he said unto himself: Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed. (Moses 1:10)The Holy Ghost is a revelator, and you can't commune with God without him revealing things to you.One huge reason so few learn anything from God is because they insist that anything revealed to them must fit completel…

A principle of love

Think of someone you love: a parent, a spouse, a child.

Imagine some contrived situation where you had to choose whether to trade their life for the life of many. Would you do it? Unless you are a very odd person, you wouldn't. You would let those other people die in order to save the life of your loved one.
The Father loved the world enough to give the life of his Son for it. Not one person among those who were saved and will be saved through that sacrifice is as great as Jesus.
Can anyone love anyone more than the Father loves the Son?
How can the greatest love we know of do things that what you call love would never do? 
The only possibility is that what you call love is less than what the Father and the Son call love.
The strongest bond that can exist between two people is the bond of total alignment with reality, as known and revealed by God.
Everything God does is designed for the greatest benefit to the world. Not the benefit of any single individual. 
In other words, through this…

My soul did long to be there

When ministered to by someone who knows more about him than they do, some people turn to God with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. What begins with a willingness to believe grows, line upon line, into unshakable trust in God (see Alma 32). And "having all these witnesses [they] obtain a hope, and [their] faith becometh unshaken" (Jacob 4:6).For them "what would it be like to gaze into heaven" is not a rhetorical question. They knew what that was like.We know the names of some of these people. Adam knew what it was like to be in God's glorified presence. Enoch knew. Moses knew. Elijah knew. Alma knew. John the Revelator knew. And the three Nephite apostles. All of these people, and some besides, were taken in their bodies, which were translated to a purer form, to heaven in glory. Can you imagine what it felt like for them to return to this earth? Can you imagine how it would feel to have a sure knowledge of the joy and goodness of what awaits there a…

Fighting Satan

This post will be concise, but it will contain treasures. Pay attention.
Satan's power is based on faith, just as anyone else's. 
Faith is belief unto action. It is based on ideas about cause and effect coupled to reasons to believe. The more reasons, and the more predictive the ideas, the more power you have.
There is a non-negotiable process for accumulating power. There is also a non-negotiable process for losing it. 

Losing power consists of: -Adopting beliefs that are incorrect or incomplete. -Observing contradictions to your beliefs.
The contradictions rob you of the confidence that is required to exercise power. When you doubt, you will not act, and when you don't act, you can't exercise power.
How to take down SatanOne of Satan's beliefs is that mankind will not trust God sufficiently to obey him completely. When people exercise complete and sustained submission to God coupled with insatiable searching for more information about him, they overcome all things and as…

Missing the mark

This morning I am overwhelmed with a desire to sell all I have and move my family to Africa to support an orphanage, and never return. And yet my heart is torn to pieces because God has asked me to do something else instead.
It seems like the norm to seek glamorous callings from God. Those who do so err greatly because they don't realize that the real thing is not glamorous at all. Being a servant of the Lord does not get you fame or fortune or renown; it gets you reviling, rejection, and most times death. It does not get you companionship but rather loneliness. It does not get you riches but rather costs you dearly. What it does give you is the opportunity to suffer in behalf of those who do not deserve it and will not make sufficient use of it to justify what it cost. If that is what you desire more than anything, then and only then are you ready to drink the Lord's cup and be his servant.
Those who seek the glamorous callings envy what they do not really understand. If they k…

At what point can you say “they should have known better?”

Before the Seattle riots, I was praying for the Lord to withhold the judgment appointed on Seattle. He said “on what principle are you asking?” I said “I know people there who seem like good people. They may just not know the truth because they don’t know where to find it. For example, I can think of two men that don’t necessarily believe in you, but I can guarantee that they’ve never had someone minister to them with the capability of explaining it according to their understanding.” He said, “ok, but how far can things deviate from normal before they are left without excuse?” 
Since then, random people set up a lawless zone, riots raged, and the government has not enforced law and order. Now this:
Between now and then I asked one associate how things were and he said “oh it’s not a big deal. The media is overhyping things.” 
I’m sure people in Portland would say the same. 

Manifesting God

To manifest is to reveal what was not previously seen or known or thought.
God is manifested here through those who know him more. As you go through each day, think about what God has taught you about the situations you observe, and the difference between how things are and how things could be, and think about the smallest possible nudge you can give it (situation) or them (people) towards things as they could be. And as you give freely what you have received, you will be given more.