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Comments on Denver Snuffer's Talk on Polygamy

I really, really don't have time to write this right now. And, because of the oversight those to whom this post is directed have already committed, I have very little hope it will do any good. My mind is drawn to what Abraham said to the rich man: they have the words of Moses and the prophets, if they haven't heeded them, what good would my words do? Forgive me, again, for not taking the time this post deserves. I will have to leave it as a chain of breadcrumbs that the interested can use to guide their own questions. 1. Did Denver ever credit God as the source of any part of his argument? How many times did he explicitly say this was his belief/opinion/etc.? ( Note: The only time he said something was from revelation was when he gave, word for word, an instruction he received regarding the law of adoption, which was not connected to plural marriage by Denver. ) 2. If what Denver said was not revelation, should you weight it any heavier than you would any other man's o

What I've Been up to Lately...

Hi all, I apologize for my absence, which will have to continue for some time. I started a new job, which has required a lot of my attention. I also am in a church calling that eats up most of my Sundays, which is highly unfortunate, but the Lord's will. I have also been directed to work on some preparations on my home and property. However, most of the time I would otherwise spend writing blog posts has been spent on writing a new book as well as (less so) revising previous books. I hope to release new editions of all of them at some point, and I wanted to get this new book out by last Thanksgiving, which should show you the pace I'm working at. I find myself commiserating (on some level anyway) with Joseph Smith, who talked about how revelations swept across his minds like waves crashing against the banks of the sea. I could honestly take the next 10 years of my life and occupy a full time job writing out what the Lord been teaching me as I read the scriptures.