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Correspondence: Where should I go?

A reader writes: "I have already learned the non-murderous people will need to seek refuge in the Rocky Mountains. Is that a common general direction the Lord is leading some people?" My response: First, I want to discourage anyone thinking that they should ask me where they should go. As I said very clearly in my last email, you need to seek God yourself. Go ask him. Put in the work. If you aren't willing to develop a relationship with God, it really doesn't matter where you are when things fall apart. That being said, the Lord is and will lead people to different places. There will be PLENTY of "murderous people" in the Rocky Mountains. [By the way--it is worth saying that you really don't know a person until you see how they act in the face of extreme duress. Don't fool yourself into thinking normal people can't do atrocious things. History is full of examples.] There will be plenty of righteous people in other places. I know of a man who G

You will be trapped.

This morning the Lord told me to tell the people that they will be trapped. He said the flaxen cords binding you to where you live will turn into steel chains if you delay action. Some of you think: 1. Things are not that bad and you'll know when they get worse. 2. If and when things get worse, you'll move. You are grossly overestimating your future mobility. Freedom is a function of awareness of and adherence to God's knowledge. You have far less of this than you think. As God continues to break the seals on the scroll described in John's book of Revelation, the world will be exposed to more and more of the consequences of how we are in absence of the grace of God that has thus far sustained us. What? If things get as bad as I have been telling you they will get--which isn't even as bad as the scriptures say they will get--do you really think you will be able to use any of the conveniences currently at your disposal? The way things will happen means th

A quick note on the baptism of fire

I have received a surprising number of emails lately with this subject "I have tried everything I know, but I haven't yet received the baptism of fire." I have taught extensively on this, and so I am surprised to have to say it again, but here goes. Matt Crockett recently this : Entering into the strait (not straight) and narrow “path” is done by following “the Son, with full purpose of heart, acting no hypocrisy and no deception before God, but with real intent, repenting of your sins, witnessing unto the Father that ye are willing to take upon you the name of Christ, by baptism— yea, by following your Lord and your Savior down into the water, according to his word, behold, then shall ye receive the Holy Ghost; yea, then cometh the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost” (2 Nephi 31:13). Acting with HYPOCRISY is having moral standards or BELIEFS that do not match your present behavior or actions. This is also known as being in a state of cognitive dissonance. Repentan

Why I try not to endorse others

Several people have responded to yesterday's post by asking me what other people have been teaching God's word to them. I intentionally avoid endorsing others because people seem to be practically utterly incapable of separating the message from the messenger. I have written extensively about this tendency as well as the proper way of evaluating truth: piece by piece, independent of the messenger. I feel constrained in endorsing others because of this tendency because were I to recommend a person, you would likely treat that as an endorsement of everything they say. Suppose I recommended someone. Now the credibility of what I have taught is incorrectly tied to the truthfulness of everything they have taught or will teach or done or will do. I am not aware of any priest, prophet, teacher, or king whose teachings align completely with the light and truth that Lord has given to me. I would hope that they would have more light in at least some areas than I do. I would hope

"Weep and wail for what is and what is to come"

On April 22, 2019, the Lord said to me: "I've exposed you to intercession, I've exposed you to the darkness that is present on the earth, and I've exposed you to the desolation that is coming. What have you done about it? While you have passed these things on valiantly to others, you have not made gain on what has been given. You ought to exercise charity for your fellowmen and take up the cross that extends beyond the passing of information to others, and continues into interceding in faith for the benefit of those who walk in the darkness. There is no such thing as a normal day. With the gifts I have given you, every day of your life ought to be full of urgency. You will be held accountable for all the good you could have done. Weep and wail for what is and what is to come." In fulfilling that charge this morning, I was "weep[ing] and wail[ing] for what is and what is to come" and interceding for the men, women, and children of this nation. As part of

The delicate balance of trusting in God and obtaining a masterpiece life

Almost everyone is too far to one side of ideal when it comes to trusting God and following the path to the desires of your heart. On the one side are the people whose distrust of God is manifested in not doing enough. These people constrain what God can do for them by refusing all but the most normal packages it might come in. They expect a magnificent life but aren't willing to do what it takes to get it. God fills their lives with opportunities for growth by showing them the shortfalls of status quo life again and again, but they ignore these signals and continue in their blind march forward. They do what everyone else does, then are surprised when their life turns out like everyone else's--fragile and miserable and devoid of meaning and joy. On the other side are the people whose distrust of God is manifested in their trying to do too much. These people believe God can do great things in their lives but rely too much on their own understanding of how that will come to b

"Master, when will the end be?"

In Matthew 24, the disciples asked Jesus when the end would be and what would be the sign of his coming. The Lord has shown me that the United States will be utterly destroyed before that. On one occasion, I asked him when that will happen. He said "once I have done everything I can to prevent it." This sort of thing is described in Jacob 5. I sought for elaboration on what he meant, and will try to explain it here. The Lord has promised that he will make a clean sweep (total destruction) of America if its inhabitants become "ripe in iniquity" or reach a "fulness of iniquity": 8 And he had sworn in his wrath unto the brother of Jared, that whoso should possess this land of promise, from that time henceforth and forever, should serve him, the true and only God, or they should be swept off when the fulness of his wrath should come upon them. 9 And now, we can behold the decrees of God concerning this land, that it is a land of promise; and whatsoev

The Coming Persecution of Christians

Currently, a massive scandal involving sex trafficking of underage children among the elite has become news. This is nothing new. It's just that a) people haven't been paying attention to it and b) it has (steadily) become completely pervasive. Secret combinations exist in the IRS (where subjective judgments were recently used to target Christian groups), in the military (where, in my experience, high ranking officers knew full well that their vocation was, to put it lightly, a farce designed for the power and money it gave the political and financial elite), in law enforcement, in the university system, in corporate culture, in Hollywood, and pretty much anywhere else you see a power or wealth hierarchy. While this does not mean that every person who is in the upper echelons of society is in some sort of secret society, it does mean that the higher up you go, the less likely you are to not know about these arrangements. These societies are not one united society. They

The parable of the two cities

There were two cities. One city formed in the way that most do, with the rich people congregating in one area, and the poor in another. The second city was designed to intentionally interleave the apartment complexes and mansions. The second city had a very different dynamic than the first. On a daily basis, the rich people saw the plight of the poor. They not only had opportunities to give of their substance to alleviate the suffering of others, they also had the opportunity to mentor others out of their poverty. On a daily basis, the poor saw the difference wealth made in living conditions. They had opportunities to learn what it took to accumulate wealth. Each group could learn more about the other by comparing and contrasting beliefs, desires, and activities. The rich suffered much more in this city than their counterparts in the first city. Some of the poor decided to avail themselves of their proximity by robbing the rich. This caused some of the rich to move to the first city, w

Two ways God turns our weakness into strength

27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. 28 Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness. 37 And it came to pass that the Lord said unto me: If they have not charity it mattereth not unto thee, thou hast been faithful; wherefore, thy garments shall be made clean. And because thou hast seen thy weakness thou shalt be made strong, even unto the sitting down in the place which I have prepared in the mansions of my Father. (Ether 12) How does God make weakness strong? 1. My eyesight degraded through high school, but I didn't realize it. I thought the chalkboards were dirty. I kept moving closer to the fron

God's commandments are meant to teach us about him

Every fixed commandment’s purpose is to facilitate a greater understanding of God’s character. Very few are used this way, but that is the intent. For example, consider this arcane-seeming commandment given through Moses: 11 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 12 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man's wife go aside, and commit a trespass against him, 13 And a man lie with her carnally, and it be hid from the eyes of her husband, and be kept close, and she be defiled, and there be no witness against her, neither she be taken with the manner; 14 And the spirit of jealousy come upon him, and he be jealous of his wife, and she be defiled: or if the spirit of jealousy come upon him, and he be jealous of his wife, and she be not defiled: 15 Then shall the man bring his wife unto the priest, and he shall bring her offering for her, the tenth part of an ephah of barley meal; he shall pour no oil upon it, nor put frankincense thereon; for it is an offe

"I'll take the house, but not the foundation": A vision

A week ago I had the following dream: I was in my house looking out the back window, first thing in the morning. Overnight, someone had cut windy roads into the grass all over the yard and close to the house. There were workmen everywhere. Then people started crowding into my house by my sides. I said, "who are you? Get out of my house!" They said they were there to watch the work. The workers were converging on a house maybe 700 feet behind mine and up a hill (there is no house there in reality). The chief worker was right outside my window, so I opened and asked him what they were doing. He said they just discovered they could turn houses on their foundations, and that they were going to turn that house. I said "isn't that dangerous?" He said, "absolutely not. It's completely safe." Then they started rotating the house. Almost immediately, the foundation crumbled, and the house came sliding down the hill towards mine. The people watching started

The vision of the cave, fire, and light

The Lord recently showed this to someone I know, I share it with their permission: I saw a primitive society who lived in a large cave deep in the side of a mountain. To these people, it was not a cave, it was the only world in which they knew. They lived in complete darkness from the moment they were born until the time they died in their old age. The people never left this cave, neither did they know they could leave. The means of their survival from generation to generation is not important. Suffice it to say, they lived this way (in darkness) for centuries. There was a man among these people who began to be curious about their circumstance. He would touch his eyes and ask, “why do we have no use of our eyes? Why do we live our lives in darkness? Why do we never explore further into the darkness of this world we live in? What if there is something more that we don’t know?” The people laughed at and mocked this man, and so he left on his own. The man man ventured off into the d

So few a child could count them

Regarding this country, we are told: And now, we can behold the decrees of God concerning this land, that it is a land of promise; and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall serve God, or they shall be swept off when the fulness of his wrath shall come upon them. And the fulness of his wrath cometh upon them when they are ripened in iniquity. (Ether 2:9) What does it mean to "be swept off"? There are many references to sweeping in the scriptures. It is a severe descriptor, indicating complete, instant, violent removal: The Lord reserves this term for events such as: the destruction of all but 8 humans in the flood, the destruction of all but Lot and his family in Sodom and Gomorrah, the destruction of the house of Jeroboam, the sweeping of dust from the floor, etc. (See Genesis 6:7, Genesis 6:13, Genesis 7:14, Genesis 18:24, 1 Kings 14:10, Psalms 18:4). The United States will be "swept off when the fulness of [God's] wrath shall come upon them." Don