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Q: I want to help, but have no money

 When Moses was building the tabernacle, he asked for free will offerings from the treasures the people received on exit from Egypt in order to provide the raw materials. There were many things that needed to be done that exceeded his specific skills: weaving the cloth, preparing the skins, building the structure, fashioning the metal, etc. In all these things, God provided people who were better at them than Moses so that he could focus his limited time on what only he could do. In the labor God has tasked me to perform, we have reached a place where he has made a place for free will offerings to provide the raw materials. But the use of those materials for the task at hand looks very different than it did for Moses. What is before me presently is the work to obtain and prepare books that contain content necessary to help you derive what is intended from being born in the last days. This is a burden that one person must carry, for reasons that these books will eventually describe.  Th

Donations now live on the new site

As some of you may know, a new website has been underway for some time. While the primary initial purpose of the site is to have a location where people can make donations, we are working very hard on several other features, which we'll be rolling out as we complete them. I'd like to have a single place where books, blogs, and videos are available, and we are designing some search and forum capabilities that I think you all will find useful. These are volunteer efforts, so I appreciate your patience. The donations page is now live , so those who have expressed interest in supporting the work we are doing now have a way to contribute. The donations go to the Upward Thought Foundation. If you are wondering about tax deductibility of your donation, we applied for 501c3 status last year and are still waiting on the IRS to process our paperwork. I'll make an announcement once that is resolved. Thank you for your support.

Different geographical places present different conditions

A poster with the handle "Engineer Oldenborger"  wrote the following comment on a news article about freezing electric vehicles: "I find it interesting that we have gotten to a point where we expect to be able to operate in the same exact manner over a large range of environmental conditions.  People live in Las Vegas, operate basically the same as those in buffalo, or Miami.  Which is all due to abundant, cheap, reliable energy. Basically the same lives lived in those different locations.  If we lose reliable energy, none of those places will function the same." Exactly. I have told you before, and I say again, that you are going to see many populous places rendered unliveable as cheap energy becomes harder to come by. The cause and effect will occur for a multitude of reasons. For example, imagine what home prices will do in hot places when air conditioning becomes scarce, unaffordable, or otherwise curtailed?  What will happen in cold places when those places do

Jacked Preacher

I have a friend who loves the show Reacher and who is tickled by the fact that the actor who plays the role has a YouTube channel where he talks about Jesus. I've never seen the show, but I have seen the video sermons my friend has sent me, and so far I like this guy's style. In the recent forwarded video , this hunky man talks about Jesus and how he gained 30 lbs of muscle at 38 for this show, messed up his shoulder, and has been taking testosterone ever since, but did not use anything for the 30 lb weight gain. I'm very glad to see actors talking about use of steroids, because essentially every buff male in the public eye is on them, and almost all of them deny taking them. Many have made fun of the often repeated explanation movie stars give for sudden buffness. The subject of performance enhancing drugs is a controversial one. Society has all sorts of arbitrary, irrational phrases, stigmas, laws, and practices when it comes to what we put into our bodies. Gross inconsi

This lady is a raging misogynist!

This sounds strangely familiar... "Women have been lied to." "There's no reason to be in this boat. It's completely preventable." "Make finding your husband you're number one goal." "Get married and have babies early rather than later." "Selling the exact opposite of what is going to make you happy." Protect this woman at all costs!

Q&A: "Why do you think so few have repented in our day?"

A viewer wrote: Q: "Here is a question I have been wondering about. Why do you think so few have repented in our day? We see examples of entire cities repenting together in the Book of Mormon. I only know of a handful of people who have actually received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Is it because of the surplus in our modern Babylon? Are we all just too distracted with the abundance of toys, gadgets, ease and entertainment to be humble enough to repent?" A: The number of people who have "actually received the gift of the Holy Ghost" is probably much lower than you think. To get a more accurate number, ask yourself how many people only do what they believe Jesus would in their place, all of the time. This is the requirement to have and retain the gift of the Holy Ghost. Why are their numbers so few? 1) Is it environmental, as you suggest? ("Are we all just too distracted with the abundance...") This is certainly a factor. The less obvious the need for God, t

Some computer equipment - Still available

Forgive the commercial post. I'm selling off some surplus computer equipment. It's located in Bountiful, UT, so if you are local and you are in the market, please check out the ads. (Note: I've got a friend there selling them for me--there aren't enough people where I live to sell anything used.) These are decent prices given the light use of the machines and, in the case of the laptops and desktops, the factory-upgraded hardware (extra ram on the laptops, beefier video card on the desktops). Lenovo Ideacentre Desktop | Computers | Alienware Aurora Gaming PC | Computers | Dell Inspiron 15.6 in. Gaming Laptop | Computers | 27 in. Acer Monitor | Computers | 22 in. Dell Monitor | Computers |