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A repost of my excommunication from the LDS church

I was excommunicated from the LDS church in 2015 or thereabouts. The evening after the trial, I wrote my best attempt at recalling the questions I was asked and the answers I provided.  Q: Do you believe that Thomas Monson is the sole mouthpiece of the Lord on the earth today, and if the Lord wants to speak to the world, he will do so through President Monson? A: I believe the Lord can and does speak through whomever he chooses. I do not believe he will only speak through President Monson, and I certainly do not believe that everything President Monson says or does qualifies as God’s word or approved by God. Any who believe that are guilty of idolatry. You would be hard pressed to find a more textbook definition of the word. Q: Do you believe President Monson is a prophet? A: What do you mean by prophet? If you mean a title, I think he has the right to adopt any title he wants, whether it be prophet or grand dragon or whatever else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anythin