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Rat utopia and the real-time editing of reality

I'll try to make this one short and sweet. We are living in a time when an active cohort of people is attempting to override reality through assertion, rather than reason or right. You'll find this referred to in the scriptures as "changing the times and seasons." It's worthy of your study. I'll elaborate on the topic in a future book. For now, let's consider one example of this.  Although billed as an open encyclopedia, Wikipedia is increasingly neither of those things. Wikipedia has a well-known, intentional, leftist bias. One of the project's co-founders often publicly complains about it.  Wikipedia engages in several tactics to warp its content to align with their ideology. For example, on a given topic, they will frame aspects that are non-congruent with their ideology as under controversy, even if they are not, and aspects that are controversial but congruent as consensus when, in fact, they are not. They do other things, too, like completely del