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Eclipses and Little-known Faults

Interesting facts about upcoming eclipse: The shadow will be 70 miles in diameter. The eclipse is the first to be fully contained within the USA. The eclipse will divide the nation in two. The eclipse will trace the 1,700 mile "crack across America" fault. The eclipse will occur 33 days before a once-in-7,000 years Revelation 12 sign. It will happen 2,422 days or 346 weeks or 6.6 years from a second, criss-crossing eclipse. Interesting facts about the 2024 eclipse: It happens on the last day of the year in the Hebrew calendar. It traces through a second large fault running Northeast from the New Madrid seismic zone. It will be 120 miles in diameter. It occurs 10 years after the first blood moon of the 2014-2015 tetrad.