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The burden of the United Kingdom

The lion languishes in pain, Prostrated in exhaustion. A shadow of his former glory, Shrunken, emaciated and forlorn. His moanings for help, Fall to the ground unanswered. His allies are likewise impotent.

Dream of Lions

I saw myself in a very large, open building. It was immaculately beautiful. Everything was either white marble or gold. There were people moving around as if they had some important errand, and they wore robes that were white and gold. I noticed that a very long and tall wall made up the side of this great building. Beside the wall ran a great hall on which the busy people were walking up and down. This wall had a beautiful carved mural. It was probably 20 ft tall and much wider. It depicted scenes of a great lion fighting off enemies and sitting in glory. The characters in the engraving all faced east, which was away from the great foyer I had seen and out of my vision. I could tell this lion was very important to this people. Just then, I saw a lion jogging down the hall adjacent to the wall. He came from the east and was headed west toward the foyer. Instantaneously, I marveled at the majesty of this lion. He was easily 3 times larger than a common lion, but he was also much more ma