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New book released: Repentance

 I have published a new book entitled "Repentance: Making straight the way of God." You can order it on Amazon for print cost , or you can download it for free via a link on the blog sidebar .  The topic no doubt seems very familiar to you, but I promise you that the contents of this book are as yet unknown to you. I admonish you with all my being to read this book and consider its invitation. The world will be held accountable for what this book contains. The book is short, at 132 pages. I believe it is the most direct and plain book I've ever written. This book is written to stand on its own, and if it is the only book of mine that you read, you will benefit greatly from doing so. Additionally, one intent of this book is to serve as an entry way into the other books (+/- 12) that I plan on writing. These +/-12 books, plus "Repentance" and "Faith," are essentially a systematic approach to the gospel, laying out everything God has taught me about it in