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Total control of access to the Babylonian system

I have told you for a long time now that there are intentions in play to fully control your ability to exchange goods and services with others, travel, and even communicate. I have told you that this isn’t some far fetched theory, as many of those who could make it happen have publicly spoken about their intent to. Nor does it require technology they don’t already have. It's coming, and planks in the platform are already laid. Maybe you’ll believe this guy, saying the same things on Glenn Beck .  Here’s the question: when they pull this off, sooner or later, will you comply with whatever they make you do to stay plugged in? If not, where will you go and what will you do?

God prepares blessings for you before you even think to ask for them

On more than one occasion, the Lord has showed me examples of blessings he has prepared specifically for me whose preparations occupied a long time span, beginning far before I even thought to seek for them. He truly knows all things past, present, and future, and has and will do everything necessary to honor all his promises, even when that takes actions that span much more than the limited time span of our lives. In more than one case, the blessings were prepared from before my birth. I marveled that God would do anything like that for me, and then I marveled again at my lack of faith in assuming that his goodness toward me was limited in any way by my inadequacy.[1] What the Lord has to give us will always exceed what we have to give him, and the way we obtain the former is to give the latter. In three such visions, in different ways, I was shown elaborate places that were mine, even though I did not remember ever being there before. Each place exceeded the value of the places I had

A sufficient invitation is invisible

When finishing drywall, the task at hand is to affix paper to each joint and adhere joint compound in such a way to make the raised edges of the paper invisible. This is done by creating a smooth, tapered transition. When preaching the gospel, the typical approach is blunt, consisting of one or only a few interactions. Like capturing the area under a curve with only one polygon, the coverage of such an approach will be limited. Many opportunities where the gospel would have been accepted with more and smaller interactions will be missed. To more accurately capture the area under a curve, more and thinner polygons must be used. To more expansively capture the set of people willing to accept the gospel, the way must be prepared through similar smoothing: more steps of smaller size. Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. (Alma 3

Why don't older women tell younger women the truth?

Look no further than this grandma, who is bravely stating what she has learned in life. Look at the hateful comments, especially on Twitter! Look at how much attempted shame, blame shifting, and otherwise sidestepping of her arguments, all in the name of feigned empathy. These attackers pretend to be motivated by a desire to help others when they are actually just sacrificing the lives of those who have not yet made their mistake for the momentary alleviation of their own guilt. Without lying women and cowardly men, more than 99% of all problems in this world would probably go away. Why don't older women tell younger women the truth? Because women who feel guilty for having chosen something else will tear them apart. Kudos to the courageous. Lonely are the brave.

Email response: Do I need to meet Jesus to have a personal relationship with him?

Question: I worry that my drive to do good is more for the people I serve than the God I serve. At the moment, I derive most of my joy and encouragement from serving those in my life. Making their life more fulfilling and more full of joy. I understand that this light and this joy comes from God alone. However, as much as I love God conceptually, my love in him is based on faith. It does not feel as full as it could and should be. Having a relationship with God as one person can have with another feels so necessary to my heart. However, I have not met my Lord. Is there any other way to build that personal relationship with the Lord than by meeting him? Short Answer: You don't develop a personal relationship with the Lord by meeting him, but by serving him. Through loving others as God would in your place, you come to better understand the value of the love he has already shown you, and you also come to see more of his love. To love another is to suffer for their benefit, which in i

Swimming in the fire

A friend of mine lives next door to a professional dog sledder. When my friend goes on vacation, she milks his cow, and when she goes on vacation, his family has to exercise her dogs. I was asking him all about it, and one of the interesting things he told me was the most important rule of being on a dog sled: no matter what, don't let go. The dogs will not stop running until they are exhausted. The sled has a brake designed to make it very hard to continue to pull. If they are on a tear, even if the sled tips, if you let go, the lightness of the unencumbered sled means that when they finally stop, you'll never be able to catch up on foot. The Lord made clear that when we sign up on his team, we must be all in.[1] There is no stopping.[2] It's onward from one new height to the next.  And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. (Luke 9:62) As I have walked through a nonstop stream of overwhelming experi