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Pondering my principles

I've spent some time compiling some thoughts about my place in the world. I am sure my thoughts will move from this snapshot in time. This is personal, but I hope that in sharing it you are inspired to take some time and ponder your place in the world, and write down and then live the principles that come to you. ============================= I have a higher purpose in life, one that transcends the daily. My mission in life is to 1) discover further light and truth, 2) assimilate it into my life, and 3) disseminate it to others inasmuch as they desire and are capable of receiving it. To do this, I 1) believe there is something greater than what I know/have/am, 2) seek and cherish experiences that reveal limitations to my understanding/capability, and 3) discover better and/or new principles that order more/deeper chaos than previously possible. My mission in life will require me to advance further into the darkness than those around me, so I do not expect anyone but God to be my