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Emitting and Absorbing Light

Light is the power of God, the glory of God, the knowledge of God, the will of God, the character of God. It is joy, felicity, salvation. It is perception of what is hidden and realization of what was unknown. It is the means by which things are perceptible, while it itself is invisible. It is in all things and through all things, and acts on them all, but is also its own entity. It is the comprehension of all things: an awareness that they exist, an understanding of what they are and are not, and a correct recognition of their value or lack thereof. Obtaining this comprehension is what it means to overcome all things. It is to be exposed to everything pertaining to this scope of existence while perfectly maintaining the revealed character of God in yourself. Matter is eternal. It cannot be created or destroyed. Each piece of matter has a degree of light and truth it has attained. Matter can be organized into bodies great and small, and when this happens the degree of light and trut

Scripture study: D&C 103

1 Verily I say unto you, my friends, behold, I will give unto you a revelation and commandment, that you may know how to act in the discharge of your duties concerning the salvation and redemption of your brethren, who have been scattered on the land of Zion; 2 Being driven and smitten by the hands of mine enemies, on whom I will pour out my wrath without measure in mine own time. 3 For I have suffered them thus far, that they might fill up the measure of their iniquities, that their cup might be full; 4 And that those who call themselves after my name might be chastened for a little season with a sore and grievous chastisement, because they did not hearken altogether unto the precepts and commandments which I gave unto them. 5 But verily I say unto you, that I have decreed a decree which my people shall realize, inasmuch as they hearken from this very hour unto the counsel which I, the Lord their God, shall give unto them. 6 Behold they shall, for I have decreed it, begin t

Reality as we would like it to be vs. how it actually is

The great king Marcus Aurelius said, "To seek the impossible is madness." Quite true. But what is impossible? Much success is had by seeking what others incorrectly identify as impossible, and entire lives are wasted seeking what the individual erroneously believes is possible to find. As someone once said, "wickedness never was happiness." Pleasure can be encountered in falsehood, but it is mortgaged against a future realization of truth. The price for illusory pleasure may be delayed, but is always greater than what it provides. It is always better to embrace reality than to hide from it. And yet, we love a lie. There are far too many examples of this in modern culture to enumerate. Here are a few. 1. Recently, our city and county began their annual budget creation process. Both decided to raise property taxes. The reasons provided were that the services provided by the government--lush retirement benefits for public employees, health services for the

When the alternative starts looking better

I am no expert, but I've watched with interest as Russia has developed military capabilities far advanced from those of the United States. To go into the details would be a digression, but suffice to say that, in my naive view, the only thing preventing Russia from preemptively annihilating the United States is the assurance that our nuclear subs and those of our allies would immediately counterattack and destroy Russia. And it seems the Russians are developing the capability to track and destroy the subs as well. In the meantime, it may seem extreme for me to say the sub response is the only thing keeping them from attacking. This world would be a very different place were they to do so, and the thought of directly (through nukes and biological agents) and indirectly (through the starvation and civil violence that would follow) killing 320 million or so people is chilling to say the least. Why would they do such a thing? Because the alternative is starting to look very bad. The

Anyone in Utah want to help some malnourished children?

Hi all, As some of you know, I used to be on the board of the Liahona Children's Foundation . LCF provides nutritional supplements to impoverished Latter-day Saint children and their friends. Malnutrition is a condition that causes physical and mental dysfunction that can persist into adulthood. It is pernicious because it tends to perpetuate from one generation to the next because malnourished children tend to grow up without the income potential necessary to prevent malnutrition in their own children. The opportunity to help is significant, as nutritional supplements are very inexpensive to make and distribute. LCF is run almost completely by volunteers, so almost all of the money donated goes right to the people who need it the most: the children, in the form of supplements, and a trustworthy but needy woman (called a coordinator) in each area who receives a small stipend for monitoring the children and providing the supplements. Year ago, Brad, the founder of LCF, asked me

Belief, information, faith, action

This is not a real conversation, but it could have been. Person: "I don't know if God is real. I want to believe he is, but I don't really hear his voice. I pray and ask, and I don't get anything." Rob: "What kind of experiences do you want?" Person: "Hear a voice, see a vision..." Rob: "What would you change if he said he was?" Person: "Huh?" Rob: "You are asking him if he is real. What would you do differently if he was? What action would you take?" Person: "Well, I just want to know if he is real." Rob: "27 O then despise not, and wonder not, but hearken unto the words of the Lord, and ask the Father in the name of Jesus for what things soever ye shall stand in need. Doubt not, but be believing, and begin as in times of old, and come unto the Lord with all your heart, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before him. 28 Be wise in the days of your probation; strip y

An orphanage in Uganda needs help

Hi readers, It has come to my attention that there is a 45-child orphanage in Uganda that needs help. The good news is that this facility is an amazing accomplishment given the fact that it is largely the work of one man--an ex-child soldier/survivor from the war there. The bad news is that, due to few sponsors, the orphanage is struggling. They have had some support to build a building and a website, but most of what is done on the ground is accomplished by the founder one day at a time. If you want an opportunity to make a difference, here is a great one. Consider reading up and donating. -Rob

Reaching your potential

This post is another angle of this post . When I was a teenager, I got my hands on a few bodybuilding books. One thing that I found interesting was that everyone has a genetic maximal potential for bodybuilding. The elite bodybuilders, through hard work, diet, and steroids, are able to develop their muscles to the point where they hit the genetic limit of how large certain muscles can get. This limit differs for every person and muscle--every person might have greater or lesser potential for large calves, big biceps, and so on. Because so few people invest the hard work, sacrifice, and drug use to get to that size, very few ever discover their genetic limit. In everything we might seek to do in this life, we have an individual potential. Relatively recently, the Lord showed me that, for a long time now, he has given me the gift of perceiving the potential in others. I had long endured a great deal of frustration because I did not realize the way I saw the capability in people di